Thursday, June 27, 2013

Could Bubblicious prove to be a 'smoking gum' in the Aaron Hernandez / Odin Lloyd murder case?

As new details emerge in the murder case involving former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, one key piece of evidence may be something chewable. The smoking gun in the Odin Lloyd murder may not be a gun at all, but rather "smoking gum," it was reported on Wednesday.

During the arraignment held on Wednesday, prosecutors said that they could prove Hernandez purchased gasoline, some Black and Mild cigars., and blue cotton candy flavored Bubblicious bubble gum just hours before Lloyd was murdered, while he was driving a rented silver Nissan Altima. Why is that significant?

After Lloyd's murder, authorities said that they found a shell casing in Hernandez's rental car that matched the caliber of the bullet that was used to kill Lloyd. In addition, next to the casing, they found -- a chewed piece of blue cotton candy flavored Bubblicious bubble gum.

According to prosecutors, Hernandez eventually ditched the rented Altima and acquired another rented automobile. During the routine cleanup of the car done after the Altima was returned, an attendant at the rental car station discovered two interesting items beneath the driver's seat: a .45-caliber shell casing and a piece of chewed bubble gum.

The shell casing matches the caliber of the weapon used to kill Lloyd, and the gum -- well, we would have to chew on that fact.

Prosecutors still do not have the murder weapon. DNA testing on the gum could, though, could perhaps show whether or not Hernandez left a "smoking gum" in the car.

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