Thursday, June 20, 2013

Casting details leak for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Casting details have emerged for the yet unnamed "Star Wars: Episode VII," and although the casting call, revealed on Wednesday, doesn't confirm whether or not the original "Star Wars" cast will appear, it does offer possible insight into the story that is being considered for the sequel.
  • A young man aged between 20 and 25, witty and smart, fit but not classically handsome.
  • Man in late twenties, also fit, but this one is handsome and confident.
  • Late teenage girl, independent, good sense of humor, also ... physically fit.
  • Second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and physically fit.
  • Man in his forties, obviously physically fit, this one is a military type.
  • A man of around thirty or so, this one is an intellectual type.
  • Finally, a guy aged around seventy, strong opinions and tough.
You'll see physical fitness is important for many of the roles, although the word "ripped" doesn't appear anywhere. The final role mentioned, with someone aged around seventy, would fit Harrison Ford to a tee, if he doesn't appear as Han Solo, that is.

That is the big question, of course. Will Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker, respectively? It's been rumored and strongly hinted at by Fisher and Hamill, but not confirmed by the studio.

The sequel is slated to begin filming in early 2014, with a release to theaters in 2015, per Disney's original announcement of its LucasFilm acquisition. It's expected to focus on youth, with a new generation of protagonists and antagonists.

It's not expected to follow the official sequel novels.

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