Monday, June 17, 2013

'Anger Management' war, as Charlie Sheen says he -- yes, he -- has fired Selma Blair

No one ever said that on-set life with Charlie Sheen was smooth and without bumps. OK, OK, they might have said that some time ago, but not lately, and certainly his "Anger Management" co-star Selma Blair wouldn't agree, as a Monday report says she's been fired -- by Sheen.

It's hard to say how official that firing is. Reportedly, the dust-up began when Blair complained to "Anger Management" executives that Sheen was hard to work with (putting it mildly). She said that Sheen has a poor work ethic and that he is constantly late.

Unfortunately, Sheen heard about the issue through the grapevine, of sorts, and as you might expect, became quite angry. Sheen felt that Blair was out of line, particularly when one considers that the star of the show has the initials C.S. and not S.B.

In addition, he pulled out the "I have a lot more to do than you do" card, referencing the fact that his after per episode workload is 40 pages of lines, while she has two.

Although Sheen went so far as to tell the rest of cast and crew that he (yes, he, himself) fired Blair, it's said that the executives -- who really should do the firing, right -- are hoping it all blows over.

Sheen, on the other hand, already has plans in place. He not only said that if Blair shows up to work the next time they film, he's refuse to work. In addition, he wants to extend an offer to Mila Kunis ("Family Guy," the world's sexiest woman alive) for a 10-episode story arc worth a cool $1 million per episode.

That would be truly ironic. After all, Sheen was fired from the show "Two and a Half Men." Kunis' boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, took over the lead role the sitcom, after Sheen moved on.

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