Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Did Drake lust make Amanda Bynes channel stripper Blac Chyna?

Amanda Bynes has made no secret of her lust for rapper Drake. She did, after all, previously say that she wants rapper Drake to "murder her vagina." On Monday, theories arose, linking that desire to her recent "transformation."

In a recent interview with In Touch, Amanda said that she had designed her new look specifically to emulate Blac Chuyna, a stripper. She said it directly, stating: "I wanted to look like Blac Chyna."

Why would Bynes want to look like Blac Chyna? Her aforementioned lust object, Drake, once mentioned her in a song, "Miss Me." He said:
Call the King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it'd be worth the flight
Blac Chyna apparently works at the King of Diamonds strip club.

Notably, Chyna is also married to Tyga. He is a member of the Young Money Cash Money crew. Drake is a also member of that posse.

So, it appears that -- contrary to some headlines -- Bynes isn't seeking stripperdom.  Instead, this is just another move in her Drake obsession.

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