Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beloved dog of Sly Stallone's family found dead from coyote attack

Dog lovers -- and Sylvester Stallone fans -- are weeping today. It was reported on Thursday that the beloved dog of Sylvester Stallone's family, Phoebe, has died.

Apparently Phoebe passed away some time ago, a couple of weeks according to the report. The dog did not go quietly in her sleep though: She was killed by coyotes.

The heart-rending story is as follows: Phoebe vanished a couple of weeks ago. The family searched the area of their Bel Air community, hoping to find the dog. They went so far as to put up posters, as well, something you might expect from John or Jane Q. Public, but not a star as big as Stallone.

The poster says it all: The family was willing to part with a $10,000 reward in exchange for Phoebe's safe return.

However, the story has a tragic ending. Someone discovered Phoebe's body on the Stallone property. Based on her remains, she was the apparent victim of a coyote attack. Stallone's rep confirmed that "Phoebe's death has been very difficult for the family."

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