Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ninth 'Bachelorette' named: Desiree Hartsock

Catherine Guidici won the heart of "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe, but Desiree Hartsock won, too. Shortly after the finale of the 17th season of "The Bachelor" on Monday night, host Chris Harris unveiled the next "Bachelorette."

Hartsock, meanwhile, congratulated fellow contestant Guidici on her win.
I'm so happy for them. I could only hope to have the love that they've found and I am very hopeful in all of this. And I do hope to meet the man of my dreams.
Desiree had good chemistry with Sean Lowe, but during their hometown date, her efforts were somewhat derailed by her brother Nathan, who went off on the whole "Bachelor" process. He also dissed Lowe, saying "She's really into you, but you're not into her. I don't think that reciprocation is there" and "I think you're just a playboy."

Whether or not that had any impact on Lowe's ultimate decision isn't clear. He did let Hartsock go on that episode.

Speaking on Monday night, Hartsock said:
I just can't even believe I'm here. With the support of everyone, it's just such a blessing. I could never have imagined signing up for The Bachelor and having this opportunity.

If you're crying now, we're in for a long season together.

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