Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen tells Boy Scouts to take a hike until they rescind their anti-gay policy

"Call Me Maybe," maybe if you decide to approve of openly gay scouts and scout leaders. That is the message that Carly Rae Jepsen gave the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday.

Carly Rae Jepsen had been booked to perform at the National Scout Jamboree in Mount Hope, W. Va. (the Jamboree runs from July 15 - July 24, 2013). However, she announced on Tuesday that she was pulling out of that concert. She said she supports equality for all, and thus cannot participate in the Jamboree. Jepsen made the announcement on Twitter, where she posted:
As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer...

I always have and will continue to support the LGBT community on a global level ...

and stay informed on the ever changing landscape in the ongoing battle for gay rights in this country and across the globe.
She isn't the only artist to exit the show. Last Friday, the pop group Train also opted out of the show, but said they would be happy to re-join if the Boy Scouts were to reverse their anti-gay policy. In a press release, the band said:
Train strongly opposes any kind of policy that questions the equality of any American citizen. We have always seen the BSA as a great and noble organization. We look forward to participating in the Jamboree this summer, as long as they make the right decision before then.
As you might recall, in early February, the Boy Scouts of America intimated that they might rescind their ban against openly gay scouts and scout leaders. The proposal would have allowed local scout troops and their sponsors to decide for themselves on the question of gay Scouts and adult leaders.

However, as they discussed the matter, it became clear to the board as they met over three days at a hotel near Dallas, that either decision would anger one side or the other. Because of that, the organization kicked the can down the road to May.

Since the Jamboree is in July, a decision in May might be able to get Jepsen and Train to change their minds -- if they haven't been booked somewhere else already.

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