Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Playboy possibilities: Katherine Webb answers questions

Asked and answered: super-hot Katherine Webb has been asked if she would pose for Playboy. Her answer, as given at LAX on Monday, was -- keep reading.

Webb, who first gained notoriety after ESPN announcer Brent Musburger lauded her beauty during the BCS Championship game (she is not only Miss Alabama, but the girlfriend of the Crimson Tide's quarterback, A.J. McCarron), hasn't seen opportunity come knocking since then. Instead, opportunity has come pounding at her door.

She's going to be in a reality TV series, there are numerous appearances, and she is in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, an opportunity she is well-qualified for (see her pictures in the slideshow here).

On Monday, when asked (video embedded) if she would appear in Playboy, she said -- quite clearly -- "No." When asked why, she said it would upset quite a few people in her life. She mentioned parents ("My parents would shoot me") and more importantly, she said, her grandfather would object.

She didn't, however, mention her boyfriend.

Celebrities and others have said "never" before, but as the James Bond film said, "Never Say Never Again." Does anyone remember that George Lucas once vowed there would never be any more "Star Wars" movies?

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