Monday, February 4, 2013

One out of 14 goes missing, and Nadya Suleman panics

Do you think you might have issues keeping track of 14 children, particularly when eight of them are only four? Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, apparently does -- or at least did -- according to a report issued on Monday.

Sources speaking to TMZ on Monday related the tale. Strangely, it wasn't even one of the octuplets who was lost. Instead, Suleman lost track of her seven-year-old son on Thursday. First, she called her son's school in a panic, believing that he was missing, convinced that he was not dropped off by the school bus at the usual time.

Things got so bad that police eventually arrived at Octomom's Los Angeles home. Suleman herself did not call them. Instead, confused school officials called 911, as the bus driver told them he personally saw Suleman greet the child when he was dropped off earlier that day, at the usual time.

When police responded to the home, they were told by Suleman's nanny that she had already discovered the boy, sleeping in his room where he usually takes naps after school.

Suleman then spoke to police herself, and said she didn't recall greeting the child at the bus. She added that she was convinced someone else -- not the normal bus driver -- must have dropped him off.

Possibly only the child knows for sure.

In 2008, Suleman also went into a panic, when she couldn't find one of her brood. In that case, though it turned out her son was with his grandmother.

Nadya Suleman became famous when she gave birth to octuplets in 2009, but became infamous when it was revealed that she already had six children from earlier IVF implantations, was unemployed, and on public assistance programs. She earned the name Octomom from those octuplets.

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