Monday, February 18, 2013

DCFS raids 'Octomom's' home over new drug, drinking allegations

Nadya Suleman, also known as "Octomom," who exited rehab not that long ago, reportedly for Xanax dependency, saw her home raided by the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), it was reported on Sunday.

Accoding to the report, the DCFS arrived at "Octomom's" home Saturday night after a former nanny filed a complaint alleging that the mother of 14 has been using drugs, drinking heavily, blacking out, forgetting key events (e.g., the bus incident, when she sort of lost one of her brood), leaving the kids unbathed for days, and not changing their clothes for weeks.

When they arrived, DCFS made Suleman aware of the allegations against her, questioned her -- extensively -- and searched the home, as well. However, the DCFS -- as in the past -- did not find sufficient evidence to remove the children from Suleman's care. That being said, apparently the investigation is ongoing.

Suleman had apparently just arrived back in California. Earlier reports indicated that she had inked a deal to to perform a topless strip show at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla. Suleman performed in four paid shows starting on Valentine's Day and running through Feb. 16.

Nadya Suleman became famous when she gave birth to octuplets in 2009, but became infamous when it was revealed that she already had six children from earlier IVF implantations, was unemployed, and on public assistance programs.

She earned the name "Octomom" from those octuplets.

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