Friday, February 1, 2013

Amanda Bynes forced to move over too much weed smoking

Amanda Bynes has a lot more in common with Lindsay Lohan than she would probably like. After all, she and Lohan feuded earlier, but on Friday, it was reported that Bynes is having somewhat similar rental issues to those Lohan is having.

To be clear, Lohan is having difficulty making her rent. Bynes, on the other hand, is having to pack up and move, ahead of the eviction notice her landlord threatened her with. The report says that he claims Bynes is both disrespectful and a rule-breaker.

Sources say that Bynes received a letter from building management in January explaining that her lease would be terminated, because she was considered a building nuisance.

What exactly does that mean? According to the report, management decided to make the move after receiving several complaints from other tenants of marijuana smoke emanating from her apartment, at all hours ("morning, noon and night"). She was even seen smoking pot in the hallways of the building.

While it was additionally bad that she was smoking a controlled substance, the building doesn't allow smoking -- whether of tobacco or ganja -- period.

It's no secret that Bynes is a fan of weed. She was photographed, it was previously, smoking marijuana in Los Angeles last night. Of course, she's not alone in that habit.

Instead of waiting for management to make a decision on her rental status, Bynes decided to bolt. She decided to move out, and moving trucks arrived on Friday to facilitate the change-of-address. However, there's still no news as to where she is going to live next.


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