Sunday, January 20, 2013

No plea deal for PCH 'lying to police' case: Lindsay Lohan

It's been said that Lindsay Lohan's on-again, off-again, on-again lawyer Shawn Holley was on the cusp of a deal that would keep Lohan from serving any jail time. However, a new report issued Sunday indicates that the troubled actress will have nothing to do with such a plea bargain.

Lohan's longtime lawyer Shawn Holley was on her way to court on Monday to negotiate a plea deal in Lindsay's lying-to-cops case stemming from the actress' Pacific Coast Highway rear-end auto accident from last summer when she was reportedly fired. Holley still showed up on Tuesday to represent Lohan.

According to sources, prosecutor was willing to let Lindsay basically walk, if she pleaded no contest and agreed to six months of lockdown rehab. There would have been no jail time involved.

Since Holley is now back on the case -- she told the confused judge the representation issues would be resolved -- with the next hearing on Jan. 30, it would be safe to assume the offer is still available. However, sources say Lohan is not interested.

Apparently, she doesn't think she did anything wrong; she says she will not plead to a crime she says she didn't commit. It is unclear why she feels this way; reports are that she told authorities she was not the driver of her rented Porsche when in fact there is considerable evidence to the contrary.

If the case goes to trial and Lohan is found guilty, she could face 19 months in jail. In addition, the PCH case triggered a probation violation in her jewelry theft case, which could result in another 245 days in jail.   According to earlier reports the plea deal could be extended to cover that, as well.

There is the possibility that Lohan is gambling. Many celebrities are booted from jail after hours or only days of jail time, with jail overcrowding being the typical reason given.

Lohan herself was once the beneficiary of such an early release; she only served about four hours of a 30-day sentence for the aforementioned jewelry theft case.

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