Sunday, January 27, 2013

No felony child endangerment charges for Katt Williams

Katt Williams won't face any felony child endangerment charges stemming from his arrest in late December. Sources said on Sunday that Williams, who has been in and out of legal trouble a lot of late, has caught a break.

Originally, Williams was arrested for felony child endangerment at his Woodland Hills home after police discovered numerous guns -- and marijuana. Williams didn't agree with the endangerment portion, as he asked immediately after his release that same Friday night (video embedded here), "How do you protect your kids without guns?"

The case is being moved to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office (which handles misdemeanors) from the District Attorney for a couple of reasons. For one, Williams insisted that his children couldn't gain access to the guns as they were locked up.

Secondly, there were so many people living in the house at the time of his arrest that there was no way to directly tie Williams. It is called "beyond a reasonable doubt."

With that, the D.A. decided not to file felony charges. According to the sources, although the L.A. City Attorney could prosecute, it's unlikely. The report said that instead Williams will be made to appear at an informal hearing at the City Attorney's office, where he'll be warned.

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