Friday, January 25, 2013

Lindsay Lohan's probation case transferred to her legal nemesis

Lindsay Lohan has a court date on Jan. 30 for her "lying to the police" case regarding her PCH crash last summer, but she has another court date in her future, too. That one is over the probation violation triggered by the above charges, and on Thursday, Lohan received some (more) bad news: The case has been transferred to Judge Stephanie Saunter.

Lohan's probation stems from her necklace theft case. That case was overseen by Judge Stephanie Saunter, and in May of 2012 the judge released her from formal probation. She added, though, that "You need to live your life in a more mature way, stop clubbing and focus on work."

If Judge Sautner determines that LiLo violated her "informal probation," Lohan could face up to 245 days in jail.

In her PCH case, Lohan faces charges of willfully resisting, obstruction, providing false information to an officer and reckless driving stemming from her June car crash on Los Angeles' Pacific Coast Highway. She rear-ended a truck, and she was still on probation at the time of the incident.

In terms of lying, she initially told police she was not behind the wheel. However, it turns out that she was.

Lohan has some counselor issues: She recently fired her long-time lawyer, Shawn Holley, despite Holley's success at keeping LiLo out of jail. Instead, she hired Mark Heller, a New York lawyer who previously had his law license suspended for five years for unprofessional conduct.

He is not licensed to practice law in California, so he required sponsorship to take on her case.

Reportedly, Lohan turned down a deal that would have kept her out of jail on the PCH charges, but would have required nine months of "lockdown rehab," something that would cramp her clubbing style. A source says that Heller won't accept a deal that requires more that 60 day of rehab.

In addition, Lohan may even take the stand in her PCH trial and testify in her own defense when the case goes to trial next month. The source said: "There is talk of Lindsay taking the stand because she feels that once a jury hears her side of events she will be acquitted."

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