Monday, January 28, 2013

Kris Jenner cuts deal; 'Momager' to get her own daytime talk show

Will there be a new "Keeping up with the Jenners" show? Perhaps not, but no matter what, on Monday it was announced that Kris Jenner has signed a deal for her daytime talk show, which will be called "Kris."

Coming from Twentieth TV, "Kris" will be a daily one-hour talk show. Along with the de rigueur celebrity guests there will be discussions about fashion, beauty tips, and general lifestyle coverage. The show will be filmed in Los Angeles, Calif.

Stephen Brown, Twentieth’s EVP of Development and Programming, said, in a statement:
The latest adventures, successes and disappointments surrounding the extensive Kardashian and Jenner family fill entertainment magazines and create daily online headlines.

At the center of this fascinating empire is Kris Jenner –- a dedicated mom and a successful business woman. Whether offering real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers, Kris is honest, compelling, entertaining, and unscripted –- all excellent qualities for a daytime talk show host.
In her own statement, Kris Jenner said,
This is something I have wanted to do all my life so it’s definitely a dream come true! I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin.
There has been a lot of drama in the Jenner household of late. Numerous rumors that she and husband and former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner were going to split have been shot down. This new show could prove to be dramatic as well: The program's summer run is considered a test.

It will slot in alongside talk shows hosted by Wendy Williams and Bethenny Frankel, both of which are nationally syndicated. Frank Cicha, SVP of programming, Fox Television Stations, said,
Wouldn’t be summer without at least one test, would it? In all seriousness, we go into this believing that if it works, the Kris Jenner program could really complement what we’ve got going with Wendy, Bethenny, etc.
Jenner is considered the matriarch of the combined Jenner - Kardashian clan. She is reportedly the manager overseeing the empire, and has earned the name "Momager" as a result.

Given that, one would assume the odds of success are good.

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