Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Big Rich Atlanta's' Ashlee Wilson-Hawn threatens lawsuit over nude images

The Style Network's new reality television series, "Big Rich Atlanta" premiered on Jan. 23, but already one of the stars has naked photos being shopped around. The news hit Sunday, and Wilson-Hawn is not just upset, she's threatening a lawsuit, a report said on Sunday.

Wilson-Hawn is a former Miss Georgia Teen and is reportedly one of Atlanta most sought-after pageant coaches. She has warned warning media outlets that topless photos of her that are being shopped around were released sans her permission. Anyone who publishes them will see a lawsuit, she added.

Sources say that the images were taken during a recent modeling shoot, but that they weren't meant to really be topless. Wilson-Hawn is topless, but shown only in the familiar "covering her breasts with her hands so you can't see her nipples," which has been done by many, and is hardly titillating (pun intended).

However, there are truly topless photos being shopped. As a rep for Wilson-Hawn said:
In the process of photo shoots, there is always the possibility of someone capturing photos that they shouldn't be taking as all models are seen in various states of dress during such events.

Ashlee has never posed nude for a photo shoot and anyone that releases unlicensed and uncensored photos will definitely be sued.
In other words, as models walk around topless, photos that aren't supposed to be released may be taken. These ill-gotten images will earn legal action, though, if posted anywhere.

Whoever it is trying to sell them apparently didn't even wait to see if the show became a hit. Notably, although the show premiered on Jan. 23, the Style Network featured a special the week prior to introduce the cast.

The show stars 13 women, of whom Ashlee is just one -- but she's apparently already drawing a lot of attention. It follows in the footsteps of "Big Rich Texas," currently in its third season.

According to Style's website: Ashlee is "a former Miss Georgia Teen, Ashlee is one of Atlanta's most sought-after pageant coaches. A fixture on the Atlanta social scene, Ashlee is a highly-opinionated, old-money heiress who fancies herself a Boss B*tch."

For those who didn't see the first episode, here's some footage of Wilson-Hawn. You can see a slideshow here.

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