Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mitt Romney and family eat like the 98 percent, at least for one day

For months, nay years, Mitt Romney, who reportedly has a $250 million fortune, has tried to say he was just "one of us." According to a report issued Saturday by the Washington Post, he is just that -- sort of.

Buried in the Saturday Washington Post report about the aftermath of the 2012 Presidential election, and how Mitt Romney is handling it, is a tidbit about Romney's Thanksgiving. You might expect that he had his chef create a repast for the family, but apparently not.

Instead, while Romney spent Turkey Day with the family in San Diego, rather than cooking (or having his chef cook),his son Josh drove over to a local Boston Market for a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner. Wouldn't want the family head doing the deed, now would we?

As most people know, you can get pre-made dinners, including stuffing, cranberries, pie, and more at a number of places, including grocery stores and -- Boston Market. Why do this?

It's because there was just a tad bit too much crowding and too many kids running around. Josh, one of Romney’s five sons, Josh, along with his wife and their four children were packed into a single bedroom at the family's Spanish-style villa on Dunemere Drive. A family friend said they decided on a pre-made dinner, because there were too many children running around the house.

Most probably are aware of Boston Market, which was known as Boston Chicken until 1995. Headquartered in Golden, Colo., it is a chain of American fast casual restaurants that specializes in chicken, turkey, meatloaf, ham, and sandwiches.

Ironically, considering the history of its latest customer (remember Bain Capitol), is owned by the private equity firm Sun Capital Partners, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla.

Mitt Romney we're sure readers know about as well.  He famously said 47 percent of Americans would not vote for him because they did not pay federal income tax, which was seen as disparaging and sparked intense criticism of Romney.

It emphasized the view of many, and perhaps spread it further to the rest of the country: Romney was -- and is -- seen as an out-of-touch millionaire oblivious to the lives of average Americans.  He has publicly said he has $250 million in wealth, but is suspected to have much more parked in hidden offshore accounts.

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