Monday, November 19, 2012

'Glee' star rants on Twitter after New York club wants her entourage to pay for its liquor

Thus we have another example of how celebrities feel they are above everyone else. Amber Patrice Riley, of "Glee" fame (and that's the problem), went off on Twitter last night after what she claimed was disrespect. A closer look seems to point to Riley and her entourage as the problem, not the club.

On Sunday night, Riley tweeted: "Never in my life have I dealt with such disrespect. That club @WIPNewYork on Vandam street, they are CROOKS and LIARS!"

Notably, WIP's Yelp reviews haven't been all that good. It currently has an overall rating of 2.5 stars from a total of 63 reviews. WIP is also the place where the Drake vs. Chris Brown fight occurred earlier this year.

However, a representative for WIP said the club refused Riley and her group service because it was trying to do that age-old thing businesses like to do: make some money. And with that, they didn't mean make money by ripping off Riley.

The rep said: "Ms. Riley’s team had contacted management before her arrival to work out her table arrangements which included the purchase of bottles as well as a bottle on the house. Upon arrival, her party of 30 people refused to purchase any bottles, so they did not enter."

Requests for a comment from Riley's camp were unanswered at the time of this writing.

Amber Patrice Riley, also known as Amber Riley, is 26. She is best known for her role on the series "Glee" as Mercedes Jones.

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Just Done (JD) said...

It's great how you managed to copy this story straight from TMZ (I suppose trash often emulates trash) yet at the same time you are totally missing some of the other facts... To say this story is biased is an understatement at best... The club admitted on Twitter that the reason Amber and her group were not let into the club is because the club was full.... and seeing as Amber has emails showing a confirmed reservation I would say that this load of trash that you are quoting is just the club attempting to cover their own ass.... and you... well you are just plain stupid for not doing any research.