Friday, October 19, 2012

Tom Hanks detonates F-bomb of Dalai Lama proportions

Tom Hanks appeared on "Good Morning America" on Friday, and detonated an F-bomb, but it was an accident, due to his being "in character." That said, he's joined the ranks of someone as notable as the Dalai Lama in terms of recent F-bomb dropping.

Hanks was appearing on "Good Morning America" to promote the upcoming film "Cloud Atlas." Anchor Elizabeth Vargas asked him to speak in his character's British accent, and while Hanks said that it was "mostly swear words," Vargas told him to go ahead anyway.

Naturally, he fell into character, and although we are sure that he intended to redact any obscenities, there was an oops moment. Hanks was abashed, covering his mouth and apologizing profusely.

ABC removed the blooper for subsequent feeds of the show in the Midwest and West.

The Parents Television Council promptly slammed both ABC and Hanks, saying the network had “allowed the harshest profanity to be broadcast into every living room and breakfast table in the country.” Of course, the word "accidentally" apparently is not in the lexicon of the Parents Television Council.

Hanks is in good company, though. On Wednesday, it was reported that the Dalai Lama, appeared to drop the F-bomb in front of thousands of Brown University students, saying that those who didn’t like his message about living a peaceful life could just “f*ck it.”

HOwever, the Dalai Lama’s personal translator later said it wasn’t the F-bomb that was heard but “forget it,” despite the fact that a stenographer typing closed captions of the speech wrote the F-bomb, and despite the laughter in the audience.

Those who believe that the Dalai Lama would "never" use the F-bomb can view this YouTube video from 2008, which shows that he has done so in the past.

In other words, Hanks is in good company, and unlike Hanks, who had a slip of the lip, it certainly appears the Dalai Lama meant to say the F-bomb in 2008. Tom Hanks, meet the Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama, meet Tom Hanks.

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