Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Dark Knight' Honest Trailer reveals all the plot holes in the film, including (ugh) an eye wart

"Honest Trailers" were created to show us the impossible, gaping, plot holes that exist in movies we otherwise love. As "The Dark Knight Rises" launches in theaters, we find that even its predecessor, the beloved "The Dark Knight," has such glaring errors.

The hilarious folks at Screen Junkies have created the ultimate homage to "The Dark Knight," even if it does ridicule the mistakes in the film.

Don't worry, Screen Junkies haven't just lampooned Batman films. Recent entries in the series have included "Avatar," "Transformers," and a special homage to "Titanic" for its 3D release.

As the Honest Trailer points out, Batman is either battling serious throat cancer or the suit squeezes Bruce Wayne's throat too tightly (or maybe he's just trying to disguise his voice).

They also note how silly Bat costume features like bat nipples were discarded in favor of more realistic ones like the bat car cutter and bat body armor that can withstand falls from any height, yet "sucks" against bullets.

It's also amazing how the film was made years ago, but while an infinite amount of data can download to Batman's "eyes" instantaneously, even with today's new 4G LTE it takes several minutes to download "Angry Birds." How is that possible?

Naturally, another good question: at the end of the film, Batman takes the blame for the deaths perpetrated by Harvey Dent. Why not just blame the Joker? Ah, because then Batman couldn't "fall" from grace only to "rise" in the final film. It would have wasted a perfectly good title.

It doesn't really matter. It was still an awesome film. As we've said time and time again, if you can believe some guy can go around gallivanting in black body armor, then you have to believe all the rest of it, anyway.

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