Friday, April 30, 2010

Drill, baby, drill believers should help clean up Gulf: Maher

Drill, baby, drill! Or should we say, Spill, baby, spill.

Free Shipping On Orders over $50Those who remember the 2008 GOP convention surely remember the chant of "Drill, baby, drill," led by then VP candidate Sarah Palin. As money seemingly always trumps the environment, high oil prices were making Americans think about more offshore oil drilling, despite the fact that any oil extracted that way would be a drop in the ocean of oil the U.S. needs.

It was also based on the fact that for two decades there had not been any large-scale accidents. That has radically changed, with the vast oil spill from the BP oil rig explosion begins to hit U.S. coastlines.

Bill Maher said it best in a tweet:
Every a**hole who ever chanted 'Drill baby drill' should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty
Those who think technology is infallible are fools. It was 100 percent certain we would have another oil accident. The question was not if, but when.

Sarah Palin, head over to the Gulf Coast today, will ya?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guide, not gay, dog booted from Australian restaurant

Generally speaking, guide dogs are allowed just about everywhere with their masters. In this case, however, a gay dog, even if a guide dog, got the boot.

In reality, Nudge, the dog of Ian Jolly, 57, is a guide dog. However, restaurant staff at the Thai Spice restaurant in Adelaide in May, 2009, misheard the woman with Jolly, and believed that his "guide dog" Nudge was in fact a "gay dog."

Click here for the Best Buy HomepageIt is in fact, unclear what a "gay dog" truly is, but in a statement to South Australia's Equal Opportunity Tribunal, the owners said "The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog." Uh, that would be a neutered or perhaps spayed dog, one would think.

Jolly will receive a written apology and $1,400 in compensation. Ironically, the restaurant displays a "Guide Dogs Welcome" sign.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Archie Comics to intro first openly gay character

Those who follow Archie Comics will know that Betty and Veronica have competed for Archie Andrews for decades. Starting this fall, they'll have competition of a different sort, as Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in Archie Comics, will debut.

Realistically, there's no evidence that the new character will chase Archie, but Archie Comics announced in a press release Thursday that Kevin Keller, a blond hunk, will debut on Sept. 1st, in VERONICA #202, which will feature the full-issue story, "Isn't it Bromantic?" Interestingly, Kevin seems to have more in common with Jughead: Kevin defeats Jughead in a burger eating contest at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe.

While Veronica seems bent on getting Kevin Keller, he and Jughead commiserate. Kevin is open with Jughead, just coming right out and saying "It's nothing against her. I'm gay." No reaction from Jughead, except to perhaps wonder if he can use this to get back at Veronica.

In the press release, Archie Comics Co- CEO, Jon Goldwater said "The introduction of Kevin is just about keeping the world of Archie Comics current and inclusive. Archie's hometown of Riverdale has always been a safe world for everyone. It just makes sense to have an openly gay character in Archie comic books."

Archie Comics is the publisher a series of comic books about the teens of Riverdale. Archie's first appearance was in Pep Comics #22 on December 22, 1941. Archie Comics was also the title of the company's longest running publication. Starting with issue #114 the title of the comic book was shortened to just Archie.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Misprint in cookbook labeled racist by some

A misprint in "The Pasta Bible" will cost publisher Penguin Australia $20,000, according to the company. The misprint suggested that the dish tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto required "salt and freshly ground black people" as ingredients.

Penguin Australia blamed the issue on a spell-checking program. Anyone who has used such software will know that it won't catch such an error. Apparently some saw the misprint, which obviously shouldn't be labeled a Freudian slip, but rather an honest mistake, as racist.

The error was revealed after a member of the reading public got in touch with Penguin Australia. All 7,000 copies of "The Pasta Bible" at the warehouse to be destroyed. Head of publishing Robert Sessions told the Sydney Morning Herald the destruction of those copies would cost $ 20,000.

There aren't any plans to recall the copies in stores. The company's website did say the following at the end of an item about the issue:
Penguin will also willingly replace a copy of Pasta Bible owned by anyone who feels uncomfortable about having a copy of the book in their possession.

The team at Penguin sincerely apologises for any offence this error may have caused.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Player signs jersey for teen; man steals it when thrown back

Humans are selfish creatures. This fact was emphasized at the last Pittsburgh Penguins game of the current regular season, when a man stole a teen's Penguins jersey.

Brian Burger, 14, had thrown his jersey to team captain Sidney Crosby. Crosby signed the jersey, and threw it back. Then a man stepped in, grabbed it, and ran off.
"He signed my jersey, he threw it. I was about to catch it, and some guy took it and ran away."

The jersey was worth $200. While some humans are selfish however, some are not. The Penguins and Crosby heard about Burger's loss. On Monday, a local news reporter from WTAE Channel 4 presented him with a new Crosby jersey, autographed by Crosby himself.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nike to air new Tiger Woods commercial as advertisers begin returning

As Tiger Woods has come back to the PGA at the Masters, so, it seems, have advertisers come back to Tiger Woods. Nike is set to air a TV ad on Wednesday featuring Tiger Woods and the voice of his late father, Earl.

The new television commercial will air on ESPN and the Golf Channel on Wednesday night and Thursday. The black-and-white ad is more about Tiger's affairs then his return to golf (or about Nike shoes), as they feature Earl Woods' voice asking Tiger about responsibility, as Tiger stands looking somber.
"I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?"
Watch the ad below. What do you readers think? Was this simply spin doctoring?

GOP D.A. Threatens Teachers for Following State Law

Juneau County (WI) District Attorney Scott Southworth sent out 24 letters to top officials in the county 5 school districts telling them to suspend sex education classes in their schools or face possible charges. At issue is the new state law, called the Healthy Youth Act, which took effect in March. It requires schools, starting this fall, to teach students medically accurate, age-appropriate information, in their sex-education course, including how to use birth control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In his letter, Southworth told school district leaders that teachers who follow the law could be charged with misdemeanor or contributing to the delinquency of a minor, with maximum punishment ranging from nine months in jail to six years in prison.

Already part of previous law, parents will be permitted to remove their children from sex-education classes. Schools also will be allowed to decline to offer sex education, but must notify parents if they decide not to.

For those wondering: yes, Southworth is a Republican, as could be implied by his stance. As a DA, he's required to uphold the law, and state law would trump county law, as well.
"If a teacher instructs any student aged 16 or younger how to utilize contraceptives under circumstances where the teacher knows the child is engaging in sexual activity with another child - or even where the 'natural and probable consequences' of the teacher's instruction is to cause that child to engage in sexual intercourse with a child - that teacher can be charged under this statute" of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. [...]

"Forcing our schools to instruct children on how to utilize contraceptives encourages our children to engage in sexual behavior, whether as a victim or an offender. It is akin to teaching children about alcohol use, then instructing them on how to make mixed alcoholic drinks."
Unfortunately, if Southworth wants teens to never learn about sex, he's going to have to a) lock them in a room, b) not let them watch TV, read newspapers, magazines, books, and on and on.

Rep. Kelda Helen Roys (D-Madison), co-author of the legislation, said: "Using condoms isn't a crime for anyone. This guy is not a credible legal source on this matter, I'm sorry to say. His purpose is to intimidate and create enough panic in the minds of school administrators that they'll turn their backs on young people and their families."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women use wheelchair, sunglasses to try to smuggle dead body onto plane

Shades of the movie "Weekend at Bernie's." Two women were arrested at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport for trying to board an EasyJet plane with a dead body, police said on Tuesday.

Dead is 91-year-old Curt Willi Jarant. Arrested are 66-year-old Gitta Jarant, his widow, and 41-year-old Anke Anusic, his stepdaughter. All three are German nationals. However, the two women live in the U.K. The women were released on bail until June 1st.

The two women had put Jarant into a wheelchair and put sunglasses on him, and were trying check in for a flight to Berlin on Saturday, April 3rd. EasyJet workers became suspicious, and discovered the man to be deceased.

Authorities have charged the two women with "failing to give notification of death."

"Weekend at Bernie's" was a 1989 movie starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman. The premise, more or less, of the comedy is that the two pretend their boss is still alive during a weekend at his beach house, while a hitman continues to try to finish off Bernie.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ignoring Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Refuses To Treat Obama Supporters

A Florida doctor has decided he doesn't want to treat Democrats, at least those who voted for Barack Obama. Florida urologist Jack Cassell posted a sign on his office door telling those voters to go away.
"If you voted for Obama ... seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your health care begin right now, not in four years."
William Allen, professor of bioethics, law and medical professionalism at the University of Florida's College of Medicine said that Cassell's sign is pushing the limits of professionalism.
Allen said doctors cannot refuse patients on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability, but political preference is not one of the legally protected categories specified in civil-rights law. By insisting he does not quiz his patients about their politics and has not turned away patients based on their vote, the doctor is "trying to hold onto the nub of his ethical obligation," Allen said.

"But this is pushing the limit," he said.
No big loss really., which rates doctors via patient rankings, says Cassell has a 1 out of 4 star ranking. It seems that it might be a good idea to avoid him anyway; he might snip the wrong tube.

Of course, Jack Cassell did backtrack as knowledge of this reached the public. "I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," he told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."

Right, sure. At any rate, there are a couple of things that Jack Cassell is forgetting in his (modern) Hippocratic Oath. They include:
  • I will respect the privacy of my patients (which means you shouldn't be able to ask, even in an implied manner, who they voted for)[...]
  • I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings (not just certain voters), those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.