Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flatulent Pig Ignites Gas Scare

A flatulent pig ignited a gas scare in Australia, as a farmer thought the odor he smelled was really a gas pipe leak. It sparked an emergency call, and yes, firefighters responded.

Fifteen firefighters and two fire trucks were called responded to a call at a property at Axedale in central Victoria state. The reports were that there was a gas leak. However, when they got there, the crews discovered something smelled, all right.

Fire captain Peter Harkins aaid:
"When we got there, as we drove up the driveway, there was this huge sow, about a 120-odd kilo (265-pound) sow, and it was very obvious where the gas was coming from. We could not only smell it, but we heard it and it was quite funny."
It's strange that a farmer would not have had experience with such an event previously, and the sound alone should have alerted him.

Still, it gave the firefighters a bit of a laugh, and fortunately, the call did not result in them missing a different emergency call, which would have been tragic.
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