Saturday, November 14, 2009

Interview Done To Bolster Couric's Self-Esteem: Palin

Ah, the joys of people reading early releases of upcoming books, and the joys of Sarah Palin's somewhat strange comments. As the release of her new memoir, "Going Rogue," approaches, we now know that Palin agreed to her famous interview with Katie Couric out of pity.

The interview with Couric became the stuff of legends, exposing Palin as someone totally unprepared for national office. The fact that some of her comments were able to be used, almost word-for-word by SNL to spoof her idiocy speaks for itself.

According to her new book, Sarah Palin was told by a top McCain aide that Couric had low self-esteem, prompting Palin to take pity on the CBS anchor and agree to an interview. Couric may have low ratings, but low self-esteem?

At any rate, a McCain adviser has adamantly denied the claim. As hard, as it is to believe anyone associated with politics on either side of the aisle, it's not hard to believe this one.

In fact, the adviser admitted what already known: that the McCain campaign tried to shield her from the media to hide her incompetence:
“She lacked the knowledge base to stand in front of the press corps that was traveling with her and answer questions.Because of the success of the convention speech, the feeling was that she should be exposed to as many people as possible directly, not through a media filter. The way to do that was to do interviews with the anchors.

“The truth is, she refused to prepare for the Katie Couric interview. She refused to engage in any preparation. And it was a disaster.”
A disaster for one campaign, and a gold mine for another. However, truthfully, would you rather that a prepared Palin would have been able to hide her faults, or would you prefer to see her as she truly was? I vote for the latter.
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