Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paper Seeks Ganja Critic

As states like California consider legalization and taxation of marijuana, and as federal officials say that they will no longer pursue medical marijuana users as long as they conform to state laws, what next? Well, obviously, medical marijuana users would want to make sure their dispensaries are legit, right?

A Denver alternative newspaper, Westword, recently posted an ad for what some might consider a dope job: a reviewer of the Colorado's marijuana dispensaries and their products. It has already received more than 120 applicants.

The only catch: the reviewer must also qualify as a medical marijuana user. Yes, that means the person has to be ailing in one way or another, such that he has a medical need for ganja.

That would add a professional touch to something that already exists: sites such as marijuanareviews.com and weedmaps.com already offer reviews of both types of cannabis and clubs as well.
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Cathy Stubbs said...

Easy option to get useful information as well as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts..Thanks

ecovillage.com said...

This reviewer of the Colorado's marijuana dispensaries and their products.

Gaston Cantens said...

There's always a catch, isn't there. I would make a GREAT critic . I have years of experience in the field, and am a connoisseur of fine quality.

Pepe Fanjul said...

I wonder if this job pays well? i have a feeling the person would not be in it for money. Thanks for the post.

Christmas Island fishing said...

It’s not exactly like a food critic job. The online-only reviewer won’t be showing up anonymously and sampling the wares.