Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laws Are Just For Little People: CA's First Lady Violates Hands-Free Law

California's first lady, Maria Shriver, has been caught violating California's hands-free cell phone law. It's apparently not the first time, and her husband, Gov. Arnold Schhwarzenneger, has vowed to crack down on it.

While it's unclear what that means, California's hands-free law, which went into effect last July, states that a driver can't make or receive calls while driving unless using a headset or other hands-free setup. A later law went into effect this January which banned texting and emailing while driving.

However, the fines for both of these are so low as to be ridiculous. Both laws require a $20 fine for the first infraction and $50 thereafter. Thus, it is easy to find cell phone miscreants if you look.

Listen to the video below, and you can hear the paparazzi shout "No more on the cell phone, Maria."
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Simitian has recently introduced a bill to outlaw texting while driving. He admitted it was an oversight in 2001 when he introduced the hands-free law in 2001.