Friday, October 9, 2009

GOP Candidate Draws Fire for Shooting Effigy of Democratic Opponent

Since when did shooting at an effigy of your opponent become good clean fun, or a joke? Apparently, that's what it is in a Florida congressional race.

Robert Lowry, a Republican who is running against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, opened fire at a target bearing the initials (DWS) of his opponent. The incident occurred at a local shooting range where a meeting of the Southeast Broward Republican Club took place.

At the same time, the club members took aim at cut-outs of a Muslim holding an RPG. As one reporter noted:
On what planet, exactly, is it considered a joke to shoot at a target representing a sitting U.S. Congresswoman who happens to be a mother of three and a breast cancer survivor? To what audience is that a knee slapper? Really?
Lowry initially tried to pass the event off as a "joke," but after answering several questions he said it "was a mistake" to use a target labeled "DWS." No, really?
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