Thursday, September 3, 2009

"People of Wal-Mart" Website Mocks Customers, Goes Viral

It's amazing what will attract attention on the Web. A website called "People of Wal-Mart" has gone viral. It's premise: it asks customers of the mega-store to submit pictures of other Wal-Mart customers wearing dated, bad attire or funky hairstyles.

"People of Wal-Mart," was started as a gag website. It's managed to go viral, with the site generating up enough traffic to crash its servers on Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, the site is still down. My advice to the site's creators: get some ad deals worked out fast, while people are still interested.

The People of Wal-Mart site describes itself as follows:
“People of Walmart was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to WalMart. Let’s face it; we all have seen the people who obviously don’t have mirrors and/or family and friends to lock them in a basement, and they all seem to congregate at Walmart. It’s not everywhere that you can shop for milk at 10 a.m. next to a 400lb mother of 6 wearing a pink tube top, leopard tights, and hooker heels.”
Hilarity, yes, but I personally avoid Wal-Mart, so for years I have not been subjected to the people who visit that store. I simply can't bring myself to visit a store that treats its employees so poorly as besides having its sweat-shop manufacturers.

The "People of Wal-Mart" site is run by Andrew Kipple, 23, his brother Adam, 25, and Luke Wherry, 23. The site was getting 500,000 hits a day, which it could handle, but a recent spike as more people found out about it crashed it.

The "People of Wal-Mart" Twitter feed says that yesterday the site received 1.2 million hits, despite all the downtime. They also said they hoped the servers are up, which, sorry to say, at the time of this writing, they are not.

Photos already submitted included a man dressed as Captain America, a person whose haircut was described as looking like a rat, and a person with a goat. It's unclear if the person was married to the goat or not, but still.

Some have criticized the site, saying "People of Wal-Mart" mocks poor and rural patrons of the store, thus reinforcing stereotypes. Me? I think it's all in fun.
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Frances M. said...

I can't believe someone would criticize Walmart for their hiring and employment opportunities. These people from all walks of life are lucky to have a job in these days and times. So many people are out of work, but Walmart keeps hiring. Give thanks that a big company can afford to hire anyone and give them a job. I think I'm worth $60 an hour, but without a college degree, I'm not going to get it. Let's give thanks to Walmart for being such a successful business. If they weren't, none of their employees would be getting a salary.

james said...

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Alison said...

Thanks, Walmart, for hiring needy people and then refusing to give them enough hours to make a decent living, not to mention providing them with some of the worst/most limited benefits in the country. Despite the fact that you are a giant corporation and could easily afford to offer your employees better health insurance (less than half of your workers even get any at all, and the ones who do pay more money for less coverage), you refuse to do so -- and then you lie about the scope of your benefits to the public, too. Keep up the awesome work, taking advantage of desperate people and treating them as barely human!

roger said...

Many people are out of work, but if Walmart is hiring. To give thanks for a great company and hire someone to give can give them a job. I think I'm worth $ 60 an hour, but without a college degree, I'm not going to get it. Let Walmart for being a successful business thanks to pay. If they pay their employees will be getting one was not.

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