Friday, September 18, 2009

No Doubt: Fox News Caught Lying

It's hard to understand what Fox, or in this case, Faux News had in mind with the full page ad that ran in the Washington Post Friday, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, both owned by Fox's parent company. The ad falsely claimed that other major media outlets did not cover the 9/12 "tea party" in Washington, D.C. last Saturday.

Over photos of protesters, the ad asked: "How Did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN Miss This Story?"

Well, they didn't. And the networks mentioned above made sure to protest themselves, against this blatant lie. They all issued statements and details about the extent of their coverage. CNN was the most vociferous.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez said:
“I usually don’t suffer fools gladly. Especially when it comes to the fools who perpetuate falsehoods. Well, today thousands of you flipped through the pages of the Washington Post, only to come up a lie so bold and so upsetting that frankly I’m just not going to sit here in silence and allow my craft or my news operation to be unfairly maligned.

“Enough is enough. And yes, I’m talking to you, Fox News. You, who claim to be fair and balanced. At what, I wonder? … They are saying we did not cover this story. They are using a lie to try and divide people into camps. … That’s an offense to myself and my colleagues, who risked their lives in Iran and Afghanistan and around the world to bring the news."
Sanchez then showed clips of the CNN coverage, and added:
“Here’s the fact,” Sanchez summed up. “We do cover the news, and we did extensively cover this event. We didn’t promote the event. That’s not what real news organizations are supposed to do. … ‘Cover’ is kind of like a ‘fair and balanced’ way of doing things. You get it? You might want to look into that.”

“Let me address the Fox News Network now,” concluded Sanchez, “perhaps the most current way that I can — by quoting somebody who recently used a very pithy phrase. Two words, that’s all I need. ‘You lie.’”
Watch the video:

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Anonymous said...

None of those dying news organizations covered the tea party in a postive way.

Anonymous said...













Jimmy D said...

The Pentagon caught Spreading propaganda covertly to put a positive spin on the Iraq War and the War on Terror through the use of Fake Military Pundits on All the major News Networks , (Especially Fox News). --- Senate votes to order Pentagon to stop using covert disinformation and propaganda techniques against the American people ----

Anonymous said...

Hi Snafu (desperate post again - nice copy job) - contrast your desperate spin with this history/fact:

"(CBS) Four CBS News employees, including three executives, have been ousted for their role in preparing and reporting a disputed story about President Bush’s National Guard service."

Keep posting your desperate stuff liberal, please!

You make liberals like you look foolish with this spin/dishonest blog of yours. The Fox News was accurate. The dishonest fringe media did not cover it as it should have been covered.

You're just a freak copy cat - Huf Post lurker.

Let us know when someone from Fox News if fired like Dan Rather/Maples was Joey boy. Until then, just keep up with your propoganda/free blog until you get a real job. Enjoy the free blog from Google!

By the way, my 10 year old can do a better job than you - keep your day job Snafoon.

roger said...

I don't have a bias regarding this. I think people who self-identify as either conservative or liberal are probably stupid- but not all. Those that identify as being very strongly liberal (like yourself) or very strongly conservative? The chances of them being stupid skyrocket even further. My "bias" is against partisanship, it has nothing to do with this. Sorry dude. If it makes you feel better, I just got called a 'leftist' on another site because I dared to mock what an idiot partisan said about liberal thought. I'm very biased against moronic ideas fueled by the partisanship of others, I'll grant you that.
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