Monday, September 28, 2009

Lucy Vodden of "Lucy in the Sky" Fame, Dies

You might (rightly) ask who Lucy Vodden is, but you probably already know of her. Or at least, you know of her as portrayed in the Beatles tune "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." She has died after a long battle with lupus. She was 46.

The death of Lucy Vodden was announced on Monday by St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. She had been treated for lupus, a chronic disease, for more than five years.

Lucy Vodden connected with The Beatles in grade school, her grade school, that is. At that time, she befriended Julian Lennon, then 4 years old. After coming home from school one day, he showed a drawing to his father. He told John Lennon it was "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

John Lennon turned the image into a song, and because of references in the song to "newspaper taxis" and a "girl with kaleidoscope eyes," as well as the fact that you can find the initials LSD in the title, critics thought the song's title was a veiled reference to the drug. Lennon always maintained the phrase came from his son and thus, Lucy Vodden.

Ironically, because of that connection to LSD, true or not, Lucy Vodden never liked the song. Friends who were told of her connection to it brought up the LSD angle.

After losing touch with Lucy Vodden, Julian Lennon reconnected with her in recent years when he tried to help her cope with lupus. Farewell to the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Watch and listen to the song.
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roger said...

actually, Lennon wrote it after his son showed him a picture that he'd drawn in school of a girl...when Lennon asked who it was, his son replied "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" and Lennon thought it was beautiful and immediately wrote a song about it....people just wanna add drama with the whole "LSD" thing...
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hcg said...

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