Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jon Puts the Gosselins' Divorce on Hold

OK, what just happened here? Earlier today TLC said it was dumping Jon Gosselin from the series "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," changing the title to "Kate Plus Eight," and focusing on Kate as a single mom.

Now, just hours after TLC made the announcement, comes the announcement that Jon Gosselin has filed paperwork to halt divorce proceedings. According to an exclusive In Touch Weekly story, "“I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.”

The fact that In Touch Weekly has the story in its magazine this week means the news actually came before the TLC announcement. It's hard to believe it, if for no other reason than the fact that Jon Gosselin has been cavorting with women like Hailey Glassman (among others).

While "Kate Plus Eight" is a snappy title, one has to wonder if Jon Gosselin knew anything about the TLC announcement. On the other hand, Jon added that the reason for halting his divorce for 90 days is "to regain control over the future of our family."

Readers, what do you think? Do you think Jon is seriously rethinking things? Is "Kate Plus Eight" going to become "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" again? Or do you evefn care?


Chris Brown said...

I think they should have done that it was a great thing...

Jessica said...

I couldn't care less what these two do with their marriage, but shame on him for behaving that way in the view of the public. I think he needs to practice more discretion, and they need to get themselves and their children into family therapy, divorced or not.

roger said...

Wow, what interesting timing! Jon gets dropped from show, then hours later he smacks himself on the forehead and says, "What have I done?! I've been such a jerk. I don't want a divorce now. I want my family to be good again!" And again with the 'poor judgment' line. That's gotten old. How about "I'm a douche bag," Jon? So, he runs on down and files a petition to halt everything. Jerk. I'd so love to know what's going through Kate's mind right now. A few months ago, she probably would have been open, but now Jon's gone and humiliated her on both sides of the pond with other women, and said on national TV that he despises her and loves Hailey much more. He'd never get back into the same house alone with me if I was Kate, let alone in my bed!

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