Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Whitney Back? On GMA, She Says "I Never Left"

Whitney Houston is back, or at least as far as her fans go, "they will always love her." Yesterday, she marked the occasion, and promoted her upcoming album, I Look to You, with a free performance in Central Park, and today Whitney Houston appeared on Good Morning, America.

In fact, the Whitney Houston Good Morning, America performance was taped yesterday at the free concert. After Houston sang "Million Dollar Bill," she told the audience, “I love you, New York. I love you, Good Morning America. God bless you all. Thank you for coming, you’re making me feel so good.”

Whitney Houston then ran across the stage and hugged Good Morning, America host Diane Sawyer, who was the journalist who conducted the infamous "Crack is Wack" interview in 2002 in which Houston disclosed her drug problems.

Sawyer told her that “Seven years ago, looking in each others’ eyes, it was a very different world then. I was worried for you.” Houston answered the Good Morning, America host, saying “Don’t be worried anymore. If you know God, then don’t be worried." She added, to the crowd, "I’m overwhelmed with love and support, your prayers mean so much to me and I love you all for coming. I never left!”"

There was speculation that her voice is still not completely up to snuff. In fact, many said Whitney Houston's voice cracked at least once a song in Central Park. However, as Rolling Stone reported yesterday, Whitney Houston said her Good Morning, America concert issues were from exhaustion from taping her Oprah interview on Monday (which airs as the premiere Oprah episode for Winfrey's new season, on Sept. 14th).

While we don't have the Whitney Houston Good Morning America video on-site (you can watch here) once they post it, we do have home video of the Central Park performance below. What do you think? Is she back, or not?
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