Friday, September 25, 2009

Blackwashing, a New Way for Racists to Bash Obama: Colbert

Stephen Colbert proposed a new methodology for racists to use to avoid being called racists when criticizing Obama in a racist manner. As he said, it's not really racism. Because of this, the best way to prevent people from accusing you of racism, is to be sure that you get other African-Americans to agree with you. Here's part of what he said:
Some of us just disagree with his policies. That's why we refer to him as "that boy" or "uppity." [...]

Sadly, anytime a racist criticizes the President, some cries racism. Fortunately, there's a solution. And it's tonight's word: blackwashing. [...]

What better way to prove you're not a racist, than by highlighting a fellow critic's race. You see, black people are handy. They allow us to criticize the President without being accused of racism. The same way Jewish people can tell Jewish jokes, and Irish people can tell Irish jokes. You see, having an African-American on your side whitewashes, or in this case, blackwashes your racism.

Unfortunately, 97% of African-Americans support the President's policies. I'd say, that's the real racism. Which kind of makes the President the real racist. [...]

I wish more African-Americans were like the President: raised by white people. But that may not be enough. After all, even Barack Obama almost always agrees with Barack Obama.

So, we need to find a way to ensure a reliable supply of African-Americans who will blackwash our criticism. Now, the obvious answer is to steal black children from their parents so they can be raised by racists. But good luck getting that passed by a Democratic Congress.

So, that unfortunately only leaves one answer: shoe polish. It's the traditional way for racists to show they have nothing against black people.

So, tea partyers, birthers, Glenn, Rush, don't let your valid criticisms be unfairly associated with racism. Before the next time you accuse the President of having a secret plan to take white people's money and give it to black people, or broadcast shuck and jive imitations of African-American leaders, put on a little blackwashing, then people will hear your real message. And that's the word.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! now you Libtards are coining new words to try to justify calling people racist who disagree with this president's insane socialist policies! Wonder what word aptly describes the way you ALL attacked, insulted, denigrated and lied about President George W. Bush?? Can't call you "racist" because most of you are, um, WHITE and so is he, but gee, maybe HATEFUL would be a good way to describe it ...

roger said...

2010 is perhaps the most important election of our time. It's our only opportunity to bring legitimate change to Washington and our Statehouses. Throw out all the incumbents from both parties and start replacing them with third party alternatives. Demand the Federal Reserve be abolished! Demand a smaller Federal Government! Give the power back to the States and "we the people" as the founders intended. You can control your destiny but it requires that you ALL WAKE UP! Nothing happens by accident. The economic crisis is artificial. It was created by the same Oligarchy that caused the great depression. Contrived crisis ensures that the sheeple will accept more centralized government control; hence, the Patriot Act and way before that, the Federal Reserve Act. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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