Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad Karaoke Earns a Beating

Bad singers in Stamford, Conn. beware. Police arrested six women and charged them in the assault of a 25-year-old woman following a beating over her singing performance during karaoke night at Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery and Cafe.

Apparently the six woman, aged 19 - 20, didn't like the singing of the alleged victim, Leidy Alcantara. One of the six women became violent. "She came up to me and said I was annoying and punched me in the face," Alcantara said. The others then began pulling her hair and kicking her. Witness statements were similar to the victim's.

Of course, the accused disagree. One of them, Michelle Rosedom, 19, said it was Alcantara who became physical. It's doubtful though, as everyone else seems to agree with Alcantara.

More interesting, since all those involved were under 21, is that Bobby Valentine's has a "cafe" liquor permit, which prohibits those underage from being in the same room as a bar. Oops.

The alleged assailants were all released on $500 bond and are due in court Oct. 5.

Watch a video report:

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roger said...

Accused disagree. One of them, Michel Rosedom, 19, said it was Alcantara who became physical. Although it is questionable, as Alcantara.More for everyone involved interesting since all were under 21, agree with that Bobby Valentine a "liquor permit, which once as Cafe in the same room have banned those underage. Oops.
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