Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great California Garage Sale Shows the Extent of the State's Woes

It's a page out of the book of struggling families, or families with a junked-up garage. It's a garage sale, and on Friday begins what's being billed as the Great California Garage Sale.

The Great California Garage Sale runs Friday, Aug. 28th from 8 AM to 6PM, and Saturday, August 29th from 7 AM to 12 PM. The location is the state's huge warehouse at 1700 National Drive, Sacramento, CA.

The idea of the Great California Garage Sale is to sell of surplus items to try to ease California's budget crunch. As you probably know, California is facing a budget crisis. Rather than raising taxes, the state has trimmed enormous amounts from the budget, affecting schools and other services.

The state has also made state workers take furloughs as well, 3 days a month. This cuts their wages, effectively taxing them with the extra that the rest of California does not want to pay. Hardly seems fair, does it.

Back to the Great California Garage Sale, The State and Consumer Services Agency says close to 6,000 items are up for grabs. They include furniture, computers, office equipment, government cars, police motorcycles and more.

Some of the cars even come with a star's signature. There are numerous Chevy Cavaliers, which for some reason appear to be California’s governmental car of choice, and a few bear Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger's autograph, in an attempt to jack up the price and move them quicker.
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The state has also made progress take permissions and workers, three days per month. This reduction of their wages, effectively taxing those over the rest of California does not pay. Hardly fair, it does.