Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GOP Senator: No "Death Panels," Palin "Nuts"

Another GOP legislator has stepped forward to reassure constituents who have (apparently) listened to falsehoods about possible "death panels": they do not exist. The Republican senator, Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA), made the statements in an interview with Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein Monday.

Isakson also noted that he himself has spoken of the issue that seems to have sparked Sarah Palin who either misread, or intentionally misstated what is really being discussed. That is, end-of-life directives, living wills or what is called in Georgia "durable power of attorney."

Is this bill going to euthanize my grandmother? What are we talking about here?
In the health-care debate mark-up, one of the things I talked about was that the most money spent on anyone is spent usually in the last 60 days of life and that's because an individual is not in a capacity to make decisions for themselves. So rather than getting into a situation where the government makes those decisions, if everyone had an end-of-life directive or what we call in Georgia "durable power of attorney," you could instruct at a time of sound mind and body what you want to happen in an event where you were in difficult circumstances where you're unable to make those decisions.

This has been an issue for 35 years. All 50 states now have either durable powers of attorney or end-of-life directives and it's to protect children or a spouse from being put into a situation where they have to make a terrible decision as well as physicians from being put into a position where they have to practice defensive medicine because of the trial lawyers. It's just better for an individual to be able to clearly delineate what they want done in various sets of circumstances at the end of their life.
How did this become a question of euthanasia?
I have no idea. I understand -- and you have to check this out -- I just had a phone call where someone said Sarah Palin's web site had talked about the House bill having death panels on it where people would be euthanized. How someone could take an end of life directive or a living will as that is nuts. You're putting the authority in the individual rather than the government. I don't know how that got so mixed up.
Read the whole interview at the link above.
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