Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Emails, Calif. City Councilman Joked About Assassinating Obama

Atwater, CA City Councilman Gary Frago, who was in hot water earlier over racist jokes sent by him via email, is in boiling water now. Additional emails uncovered by the Merced Sun-Star indicate even more egregious emails.

The Sun-Star notes that Frago sent "violent and racist e-mail jokes alluding to the assassination of President Barack Obama, the killing of Latinos and violence against black people." According to the Sun-Star, these were forwarded by Frago, which could in fact be used as a sort of "excuse" by Frago because he did not originate them himself.

However, the fact that Gary Frago "subscribes" to such email threads is already an issue. Examples of what the Sun-Star called "troubling" emails are:
  • Nokia designed a new cell phone for "nervous white people" who want to make calls in a series of cities known for their large black populations, such as Oakland and New Orleans. The phone was a gun.
  • A fictitious letter sent by Sen. John McCain to John Hinckley Jr. (recall his obsession with Jodie Foster, and his attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981?) The letter said that Hinckley would be released soon and he should know that President Barack Obama was sleeping with Jodie Foster.
  • A joke about a man applying for a position with a police department. As a test, the chief tells the applicant: "Take this gun with 13 bullets and go out and shoot six illegal immigrants, six Obama delegates and a rabbit." The man asks: "why the rabbit?" "Fantastic attitude," says the chief. "When can you start?"
Frago told the paper that he won't resign (he has been under pressure to resign) but that he wants to move on. However, However, no matter what he says about moving on, someone who participates in behavior like this is basically condoning it, and is showing his "true colors." We should not have such a person in politics, city or otherwise. Of course, we all know what the reality is.
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