Monday, August 10, 2009

Ashley Greene The Latest Nude Pictures Victim

Another day, another "nude picture on the web" story. In this case the latest scandal victim is Ashley Greene, "Twilight" star.

Apparently, Perez Hilton had the pictures up at his site. While not admitting they are actually pictures of Ashley Greene, her lawyer said in a statement:
"The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action."
Given that threat, to avoid legal action, Perez Hilton took down the Ashley Greene pictures, making the scandal less scandalous. He replaced them with the statement:
"The nude images have been removed from at the request of Greene's attorneys."
In a way, just as with ESPN asking the Erin Andrews peephole video to be removed, the lawyers have just confirmed the Ashley Greene scandal. Ah, well. She's just the latest celebrity to be hammed with nude pics. My wife would ask why we never see pics of nude male actors. Are they just smarter?
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replicajewelry said...

When would human stop getting into other people’s personal matters? Yes, they took nude photos, big deal? There are thousands of people took them. So what? And even it is really a big deal, a fault to take them, they made mistakes. So what? Who never make a mistake anyway? Any celebrity, they are human and they make just as many mistakes and stupid choices as every other human. Do you dare to say you never make a mistake? If the answer is no, stop judging them.

US Gossip Slander Cancan said...

You’d think she would have learned her lesson! Maybe she just likes the publicity …

We haven’t heard much from or about Vanessa Hudgens in recent months, but that’s going to change, as a new set of nude photos has hit the web. These pictures look much more recent than the original set. I can’t say for sure that they were taken after her first set of naked photos leaked, but the extensions, makeup, etc, definitely looks more recent. You like this, doncha, V?

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jehnidiah said...

I finally found the nude video, most of the sites I’ve seen are scams but they’re streaming the video over at (it’s free but I have no idea how long it’ll stay up obviously) if it stops working they uploaded a backup to with the nude pictures on there as well

I never expected to see Ashley naked!!

roger said...

When will humans stop other people getting into personal matters? Yes, the nude photos, was not a big deal? There are thousands of people took them. So what? And even this is really a big deal, takes them to a fault, they made mistakes. So what? Which is never a mistake anyway? A celebrity, they are human and they still to make many mistakes and stupid as every other human as an alternative. You say you never dare make a mistake? If the answer is no, stop judging them.

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