Friday, July 17, 2009

Amputee Pulls Gun Over Missing Straw

Reminds me of "The Fugitive," but in this case they're not trying to find a one-armed man, but a one-legged man. And they've caught him, actually.

A Jonesboro, Arkansas couple's was arrested on weapons and drug charges. To think it all started over a missing straw. Well, french fries, as well.

According to police, Johnathan Hensley, 29, and his wife Jessica, 23, became upset when their Wendy's drive through order was shorted some french fries and a straw. According to the Mrs., she went inside and was insulted by an employee. At that point, she responded with the term n*gger. Whoops.

There isn't much argument as to what happened next. Jessica Hensley exited the building, followed by the employee, at which point Johnathan Hensley decided to start waving around his .38.

The two left, but police arrested the couple a short time later. A search of the truck turned up ingredients for making meth, pills, $12,000 in cash, and two cashiers checks worth $250,000 each.

The $12K was explainable. Maybe. That assumes that Jessica's story that Johnathan had just won a settlement for a lawsuit was the truth.

At any rate, Johnathan Hensley is facing several drug charges, as well as aggravated assault. Jessica wasn't charged in the Wendy's incident. However, she had an outstanding warrant, so she's in the pokey as well.

With so much cash, if they'd just gone to a decent restaurant, perhaps none of this would have happened. Nah.
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