Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Police Taser, Shoot 5-Pound Chihuahua-Mix

In what can only be called overkill, similar to the tasering of a 72-year-old great-grandmother in TX, a small Chihuahua-mix dog was tasered, then shot dead by police in Cincinnati, OH.

The dog, Jack, pictured above, had gotten out of the backyard. Two police officers tried to catch him, eventually cornering him on the front porch where he bit one of the officers.

Mother Sharon Bullock said:
"He was cornered on the porch and scared. The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack, and Jack bit him. My five-year-old cried himself to sleep the night before last, wanting his dog. Two grown men that can't gather up a five-pound dog – and they're trained police officers – sounds ridiculous to me."
Admittedly, the dog did bite the officer, but why not call Animal Control, and why would you need to shoot him after already tasering him (which is bad enough, considering the animal's size)?

Now, the officers explained they were folloing "procedure," and the report indicates that one of the officers was bitten on both hands. One hand was bitten 17 times and the other was bitten nine times.

I don't know about that; I'd have to see the hands. I'm wondering if the count of bites is really the count of teeth marks, not the same thing.

Anyway, while it may be "procedure," it still seems like overkill, for a 5-pound-dog.
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Anonymous said...

"We were both following procedures".

Anybody remember when cops used to be called peace officers?

Anonymous said...

U have got 2 b kidding!!! Come on, no wonder so many people have lost all respect for law enforcement officers...too bad the little guy didnt bite off ur trigger finger!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I guess cops are like pittbull's....only takes one bad one to shame them all! GOOD JOB OFFICER'S! Mission completed, u may now return to seeking out murderer's!

Anonymous said...

> Anybody remember when cops used to be called peace officers?

It's getting harder and harder...

This is yet another example of inexcusable overkill on the part of the police - I find it heartbreaking that the officers weren't able to show enough compassion and sense to call animal control and then back off from a small, cornered, frightened animal until they arrived, rather than hurting then killing the poor little thing. Police are meant to protect and serve, not brutalise.

Anonymous said...

I read your site via RSS feed, and rarely actually have a need to visit. I had planned to post a link to this article on my blog, so I decided to visit, but then ran into a serious problem when McAfee SiteAdvisor warned me that a site called "Chitika" was trying to infiltrate my browser vulnerabilities (I'm using IE at the moment). Apparently the problem is coming from one of your ads.

Anonymous said...

COPS ARE PIGS!!! no good for nothing, and i mean that. to hurt something smaller than them especially 5 pound chihuahua. i hope those pigs burn in hell