Monday, June 1, 2009

Kate Gosselin Shows Off in a Bikini, Sans Jon

I'm not a big fan of reality TV, as it seems like many of the shows seem to show us families or situations that are in a tailspin. Thus, we come to the Gosselins, who appear to be on the road to separation or divorce, despite Kate's admittedly rockin' bikini bod.

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Yes, this woman, Kate Gosselin, 34, has eight children, yet has a fabulous bikini body. How is that possible? Well, it actually lies less in genetics, and more in the reality TV deal she and hubby Jon struck.

How did this woman manage these rock-hard abs with 8 kids? She went the way of celebrities: a tummy tuck. Yes, part of the deal for the Reality Show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a tummy tuck for Kate Gosselin, explaining her bikini bod, and hair plugs for Jon, explaining the fact that he still has hair.

However, while Kate Gosselin looked spectacularly hot in her orange bikini, Jon was nowhere to be found. On the other hand, a nanny and THE bodyguard were around. Yes, THE bodyguard that Kate has reportedly dallied with, Steve Neild.

Where exactly did the family (sans Jon) travel to? Well, Kate Gosselin and her bikini and brood traveled to a beach at Bald Head Island, N.C. According to a local resident, Brittani Reynolds, Kate "looked like a movie star. She had a manicure and looked like she takes care of herself. She actually seemed to be in a good mood; she was making jokes with everyone."
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Anonymous said...

her belly button is too high. Id ask for a refund

Vicky said...

For the last 4 or so years, EVERYONE has heard that WOMAN--KATE-- talk down to her husband, smack her husband, second guess EVERYTHING he did, make him bath the kids, dress the kids, put their shoes on, BRUSH their teeth etc. All the while she was sitting back and doing basically NOTHING. WAIT--I take that back. She was SUPERVISING! She would toss out 8 plates, scatter snack like food on them, throw them in front of the kids, FORCE them to eat the junk BLAH BLAH BLAH. Her husband may not have had an outside job, but honestly, I can not blame him for staying home. I think he was SCARED of what she would do to those children. He does have skills, as we have seen him taking apart beds, reassembling them,building swingsets, moving them, building shelving, and lots of other father like things around the home. At the same time he took over more traditional mother jobs, again bedtime stuff, tucking in kids, blah blah. If outside, he was running around with the kids, playing and helping them ride their bikes. MOTHER was rarely outside--but when she was--always sitting and barking orders etc FROM a CHAIR. I never had 8 children. I had 3. They were each one year apart, so at one point I had 3 children under 4. I am NOT SUPER WOMAN, but I fed them,played with them, dressed them, bathes them, tucked them in, cleaned house, did laundry, and LOVED my husband too. He worked fll time but helped out when home. OF COURSE, I knew he was tired from 10 hour days, so I didn't bark or belittle him. I appreciated that he was doing his best to support us. I NEVER had NANNIES! PLEASE this is the part that is so LAME. I can see having 6 babies at once must have been hard. But these children are BIG NOW. WHY does she need help NOW! How come HE can watch those children by himself, but she NEEDS HELP????
NOT a fan of her because honestly I never saw a mother there. STILL don't and never will!

T/A Superstores said...

I honestly find it amusing that they split considering when I had first watched the show with my Wife (basically forced me too) back in January. I told her after the episode was over that within 6 months they would be divorced because she is a $itch. Well, I was right!

I have noticed since the split happened there has been a completely different attitude come from her. In retrospect to how it was before, since the first I have watched many with the wife each time saying that women needs slapped and slapped hard by her mother to "help" her develop a more caring attitude..

Now, Jon is a COMPLETELY different person. You can see the guy is a lot better off without her. Of course the $3 mil a year less will hurt and the free (junk) they get from marketing ploys for the children is going to discontinue after this year. This will probably cramp their lifestyle a bit. However, a good stock portfolio with just a small % of their yearly income should suffice all and any needs for the family all years to come.

There will soon be no more Jon $ Kate plus 8! It is quite funny on a recent interview that one of the children actually said her father was better! That should help to show Kate she needs to seek counseling for her anger and self obsessed control issues.

In the last episode I seen during the interview how she exclaims she does not want the children to be another "statistic" is ludicrous. Anyone who does say these things are only letting the world know they are embarrassed of their own ignorance, in her case it was the extreme self embraced issue. Or self absorbed. I had an ex that said almost the exact same story but, I knew better. Her thoughts where obviously more for her own feelings than the children.

Now as for the last persons comment, (Vicky) Sorry I don't agree with your statement that she made him do everything as she did do a lot (in the beginning). With 8 children one would have too! However, towards the end of the relationship she was on tour and he was stuck doing most everything. (besides the hired help that you have to know he had!) Could not do it by himself. I would have a heart attack and only have 3!

I commend Jon for leaving! Now, you know his rich self will get a nice younger model that has a caring personality oppose to the controlling one he has dealt with for so long!

The episode too where she stated something along the lines of "she knows she has been hard on him blah blah blah - but people make their own choices in life" was an utter waste of breathe!

People make their decisions based the best logical choice which is most often based off past experience.

So therefore!
His decision was to leave. His logic was, life will be better. His experience was what the world seen everyday (horrible).

Completely justifies the decision made, and Yes he made it all by himself I am sure. Took of the diaper, put on the pull ups and said listen here lady I'm a big boy now..

Jon will probably need therapy to help him cope with how a relationship should be so that he does not use his past relationship experiences to base that decision from!

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