Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fans Crawl the Web for Michael Jackson Death Photos

It's the same sort of morbid interest in a celebrity death that occurred when David Carradine died earlier this year. People are frantically searching for photos that show Michael Jackson dead, according to Google Trends. Perhaps it's simply because people don't believe it, as some still don't believe Elvis is dead.

Only one such "Michael Jackson Death Photo" has emerged, and Entertainment Tonight managed to snap it. It's a picture of Jackson on a stretcher with a respirator attached to his face. It's a sad, sad, tableau.

Fortunately, no Michael Jackson death photos from the autopsy itself have emerged. The autopsy, as you have probably heard, was inconclusive, with the coroner saying full results would have to wait for the results of toxicology and other tests.

At the same time, on Saturday Jesse Jackson announced that Michael Jackson's family wants an independent autopsy in at attempt to determine the cause of his death. This would, in fact, be similar to (once again) David Carradine, whose family enlisted forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, a former chief medical examiner for New York City who appears on the HBO cable TV show "Autopsy," to perform his own investigation into Carradine's death.

Jesse Jackson told the AP in an interview that Michael Jackson's family told him of its wishes while he spent time with them during the past two days. According to reports, Michael Jackson's body has been released to the family, so we may in fact see such an additional autopsy occur.

Questions have arisen about Jackson's use of painkillers. Theories on his death have centered around the daily injection of Demerol that Jackson received; it has been reported that he went into cardiac arrest once he received the injection on Thursday.
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