Friday, May 29, 2009

Paper Runs Ad Calling for Obama's Assassination

A Pennsylvania newspaper should be expecting a visit from the Secret Service soon. The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer published an ad on Thursday that called for the assassination of President Barack Obama.

It wasn't like the ad was a want ad for an assassin; rather, it was one of those small personal ads that you might see run in the classified section of a local paper, but rather than saying something like "Happy Birthday, So-and-So," the ad said "May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!" All four of those presidents, of course, were assassinated in office.

The PT-O posted an apology:
"An errant classified 'personal' ad which appeared in Thursday's Times Observer has drawn the attention of law enforcement officials.

"A person from Warren placed the ad, which apparently alludes to the wish that President Obama meet an untimely end by linking him with four assassinated presidents. The ad representative didn't make the connection among the four other presidents mentioned and mistakenly allowed the ad to run.

"Upon realizing the mistake early Thursday morning, the ad was immediately discontinued and the identity of the person who placed the ad was turned over to Warren City Police as per newspaper policy. The local police department forwarded the information to federal authorities, as per department policy.

"The Times Observer apologizes for the oversight."
I can understand perhaps not making the connection, but I can't understand how anyone would think running this ad would not attract the attention of the Secret Service. The paper surely knows who the person who placed the ad is, and there will be a visit, that's for certain.
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Anonymous said...

the person was probably thinking of "freedom of the press" and "freedom of speech". it's not an outright threat, just wishful thinking so i'm sure he or she will be put on the presidential shit list and will get quite the harassment in the future! imo, well-deserved at that!!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech? Not by a long shot, but someone stupid enough to run this ad could surely believe that's some kind of defense, I'm sure. And then they'll scream about Obama's facist regime when the Secret Service has them committed for 72 hours observation, something this individual's family probably should've done long ago.

RobertLaity said...

The add says nothing about assassination. Obama is "following" the other previous Presidents.However, Obama is on his way to arrest for treason and usurpation of the office of the Presidency.He is a bogus POTUS! Come fellows (Secret service). We will have coffee and discuss the eligibility of Obama and his questionable background.

Anonymous said...

The message was not a mistake. Prosecute to the fullest.

People like RobertLaity are traitors to the nation.

Anonymous said...

IFF the Secret Service were true to its members oath to honor & defend the Constitution, it would investigate this ad with very much mixed feelings, as Obama is among the greatest violators of all things Constitutional, having more in common with Mussolini than the named honarable gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

The Secret Service, indeed, made a stop into Warren Friday to begin investigating this whole fiasco.

On another can you possibly understand someone not making the historical connection in that message? I could understand if someone didn't know that Garfield and McKinley were assassinated, but if you don't know that Lincoln and Kennedy were killed in office, then you automatically become a nominee for Idiot of the Year.

Also, the word "assassination" does not appear in the ad, but what other message could you possibly draw from that ad?

And let's keep in mind that using the First Amendment as a defense is not justified in this case, as freedom of speech is not absolute. Saying something that could incite a murder is definitely not protected speech.

Anonymous said...

my point with the first comment was that the person felt comfortable in posting the ad because they think they can hide behind the first amendment...freedom of speech/press, not fully comprehending that inciting hate doesn't have to be blatant.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet that there are millions of people in this once-great Republic who feel the same way about the "Clear and Present Danger" which occupies the White House. Obama and his boss Soros pose a far greater danger to America's National Security than the classifed ad.

Anonymous said...

Clear evidence that although the pundits like Limbaugh, Culter, Weiner (aka Savage) etc., are simply peddling the right wing, populist radio schtick for ratings and the wealth, I segement of their radio audience actually believe their fictional tirades and rely upon those tirades to justify acts of violence.

Anonymous said...

Ah heck, that's not a call for an assasination, that's an item from someone's Wish List!

Hmm, I wonder how high up on this person's wish list is this? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Heck, I'd get much more pleasure and satisfaction to see a whole audience throwing their shoes at him.

Mark my words, Obama WILL be shooed. It's not an if but when.


PS. The above is not a call for shoeing

O ne
B ig
A wful
M istake
A merica

.... more like a noted pattern I'm seeing emerge on a planetary scale.

Hope Obama knows how to duck, dive and weave as good as Bush.

Anonymous said...

It's called a veiled threat. It doesn't have to be direct or even serious to warrant an investigation and even charges.

Anonymous said...

american are losing it.whats wrong with them .thats outrageous for a official newspaper to publish a threat so dangerous.And some are trying to explain it...hhhmmm

Ron said...

here a thought, why don't this newspaper run an article on how Obama is dodging the fact that he has yet to produce a legal birth certificate....copies dont count for the person that ran the add, at least he or she does not have to worry about waterbourding

Marvin said...

1. President Obama is only in office 4 months and you say he is the worst president ever. Wow talk about Veiled hatred. His policies are just starting to put into place, so he has DONE nothing that has had any measurable Effect aside from make people scream and cry wolf.

2. Birth certificate what ever like the McCain thing. So long as one parent is an American it is a non issue the child is a citizen.

3. it is not funny to joke about killing a sitting president no matter how unpopular such a thing is dangerous and the actions of Traitors and seditionist and makes you no better than the Taliban or Alqeda. saying things like impeach is more appropriate, has the racism dulled your minds so much you are defending someone publishing such a threat to the Executive office.

Shame on you . and no that is not free speech advocating the ad , even by humoring your response is still a threat and should be investigated.

The Southern Patriot said...

Where do I go to volunteer?

hardwroc said...

After seeing the results of all the rhetorical encouragement given by the righties, anything remotely threatening of the president should result in a prompt trip downtown to be thoroughly examined for hidden weapons of mass destruction on his body.
He should be transferred to a "safe" place to be questioned completely like Gitmo.
And all the people expressing support for and sharing their feelings on the web site of Operation Rescue should be waking up in Gitmo as well.
They have declared war on those in America with whom they have conflicts, and that is not how we settle them, unless they expect fire fights to go to church.
Their weak expressions that they never thought anyone would Kill as a result of their urgings, is ridiculous. This it 8 killings by Church folk, and how many Church "victims" have there been in this alleged "war against the church/God"?
That is why we seperate Church and state, folks, the state keeps us from killing each other over church.

Anonymous said...

This is not a threat and if the secret service had any sense they would know this. Stop the race baiting because thats all it comes down too. O`bama is a dumb nigger and let the chips fall as they may. Who gives a shit if he is whacked?. Not me!!!! Secret service- go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

You niggers have to start doing for yourselves. This half nigger o`bama is never going to do anything for blacks so get used to it. You niggers will be the first ones to truly hate him, just watch.

UTEP Q6 said...

I bet anonymous wouldn't talk like that in public. ah, you people, hiding behind a computer screen. You will be exposed for what you are....

Anonymous said...

I see why Fox News and the Supremacist Right-wing Media is afraid of ACORN. ACORN folks could retaliate against them if POTUS were to get hurt. The Supremacist Right-wing media, spearheaded by Limbaugh, is pushing hard to incite anger against Obama, HOPING to move folks like Jim Adkisson & Scott Roeder into committing the assassination for them. IMHO, O'Reilly & Bernie Goldberg of Fox News have been successful in committing "remote" murder, using words.