Saturday, May 30, 2009

Man Calls 911 Because Orange Juice Missing from McDonald's Order

A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine. Remember those old Anita Bryant Florida orange juice commercials? OK, OK, I do, and perhaps this Oregon McDonald's patron did too, and felt a missing OJ from his order was enough reason to call 911.

The police didn't agree.

Osman told police at 11:41 PM that evening, calling 911 from his cell phone at the McDonald's at 19525 SW Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha, OR:
"We went home, and our order wasn't in there. My little brother is crying for his orange juice and stuff. We came back with the receipt and everything."
That was one side of the story, of course. A restaurant employee called 911 to report that Osman and others accompanying him were blocking the drive-through lane, knocking on restaurant windows and intimidating employees.

Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, stated:
"The deputy basically said, 'You can't use 9-1-1 for that reason' " It's not an emergency. (Osman) said he didn't know how to get the non-emergency number. The guy had a BlackBerry. He could have dialed 4-1-1 or got it off the Internet. There are pay phones all over the parking lot, with phonebooks hanging from them.

"He could have come up with the non-emergency number just like everyone else does."
Osman was booked Monday night on accusations of improper use of 911, a Class B misdemeanor punishable in Oregon by up to six months in jail and a fine of $2,500. He was released on bail Tuesday.
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bil said...

i called 911 back in the early 90's because somebody slashed the tires on my motorcycle,they gave me the non emergencv number and hung up they didn't waste even more time sending out a officer to make a easy arrest to bolster there arrest records (no quota but no promotion without earning your pay)

Anonymous said...

Bil, getting your tires slashed is a crime, but not an emergency.

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