Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busted for Sex on Windsor Castle Lawn, Couple Fears Firing

Joy Taylor, 35, and Phil Carden, 30, arrested after a drunken, naked round of sex on the lawn at Windsor Castle, are now afraid of losing their jobs after the highly publicized incident.

As I've said before, you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

At any rate, the couple's romp happened only days after Phil Carden and his fiancee Lucy Meredith, 29, split. It's unclear why the split occurred since Meredith was in the midst of planning for the wedding.

But considering how Taylor and Carden are smiling happily above at the stoop of Taylor's apartment, the obvious reason must come to mind, musn't it?

In fact, Meredith said:
“He makes me sick to the core. What the hell was he thinking of? I never want to see him again.

“I was so wrapped up in the wedding I fooled myself into thinking things were ok. He would turn off his phone for long periods, he wouldn’t ring or text me. He would make excuses for staying an extra night and then barely look at me when he got back.

“When I first saw the story I chuckled and wondered what sort of sex-crazed idiot would get caught with his trousers down on the Queen’s lawn? Well now I have my answer - the man I loved and was supposed to be marrying.

“I could hardly believe it’s the same person because Phil was never very adventurous in bed. But I took a copy of the article to show his mum. She had a face like thunder,”
In the aftermath of the 20-minute session, broken up by castle guards (it's unclear if either party reached "fruition," both are, according to reports, afraid they will be fired by their companies over the obviously extremely bad publicity.

American-born Taylor, 35, is thought to be working at a major London firm as a freelance consultant, while 30-year-old Carden is a £50,000-a-year operations director at a recruiting firm.

Photo above via The Sun.
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