Monday, May 25, 2009

Brazilian Prison Inmates Atttempt to Use Toy Chopper to Ferry in Cell Phones

Seeing as how their prior attempt to smuggle cell phones into a Brazilian prison using carrier pigeons failed, Brazilian prisoners turned to technology-based aviation: a remote-controlled helicopter.

On Monday, police announced that they had captured four people attempting to use a 3 foot long remote-controlled helicopter to ferry cell phones to inmates in the Presidente Venceslau penitentiary in Sao Paulo state. The chopper carried a basket-like container with nine cell phones wrapped in a disposable diaper.

Police Sgt. Ricardo Jock told the Globo TV network:
"The cell phones were obviously for jailed gang leaders who would use them to coordinate bank robberies and kidnappings and set up drug deals."
Inmates in Brazilian prisons frequently use cell phones, if they can get them smuggled into the prison, to continue to run their empires remotely.
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