Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suspect Held in Church Slaying of Kansas Abortion Doctor

Scott Roeder, 51, has been arrested in the murder of Dr. George Tiller, 67, one of the few remaining U.S. providers of late-term abortions despite decades of protests and attacks. Tiller (pictured) was shot and killed Sunday in Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita where he was serving as an usher. Furthermore, his wife was in the choir.

Whatever you may feel about abortion rights, or being pro-choice or pro-life, I would hope that you can see that murder, even when taken in the name of a pro-life cause, is wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right, to use an old saying, but you also know that taking a life via murder is a sin, period. Scott Roeder ignored this, obviously.

Scott Roeder was arrested 170 miles away in Kansas City three hours after the shooting, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said. He added that it appeared that Roeder acted alone, authorities were still investigating whether he had any connection to anti-abortion groups.

Scott Roeder will likely be charged with two counts of aggravated assault in addition to murder. Stolz said the gunman threatened two people who tried to stop him.
President Barack Obama said he was "shocked and outraged" by the murder.
"However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."
Americans United for Life were equally outraged at Scott Roeder's act, and made the following statement:
"We condemn this lawless act of violence. The foundational right to life that our work is dedicated to extends to everyone. Whoever is responsible for this reprehensible violence must be brought to justice under the law."
Tiller's participation in late-term abortions brought him much cricitism, and there is / was even an online petition to have him arrested and charged. That site is currently down, and it came down just in the last 30 minutes. My guess is it had begun to be filled with hateful comments, perhaps applauding Tiller's death.

The last killing of an abortion doctor was in October 1998 when Dr. Barnett Slepian was fatally shot in his home in a suburb of Buffalo, N.Y. A abortion opponent, James Charles Kopp, was convicted of the murder.

Watch a video report on the reactions of some Wichita residents:

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Man Calls 911 Because Orange Juice Missing from McDonald's Order

A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine. Remember those old Anita Bryant Florida orange juice commercials? OK, OK, I do, and perhaps this Oregon McDonald's patron did too, and felt a missing OJ from his order was enough reason to call 911.

The police didn't agree.

Osman told police at 11:41 PM that evening, calling 911 from his cell phone at the McDonald's at 19525 SW Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha, OR:
"We went home, and our order wasn't in there. My little brother is crying for his orange juice and stuff. We came back with the receipt and everything."
That was one side of the story, of course. A restaurant employee called 911 to report that Osman and others accompanying him were blocking the drive-through lane, knocking on restaurant windows and intimidating employees.

Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, stated:
"The deputy basically said, 'You can't use 9-1-1 for that reason' " It's not an emergency. (Osman) said he didn't know how to get the non-emergency number. The guy had a BlackBerry. He could have dialed 4-1-1 or got it off the Internet. There are pay phones all over the parking lot, with phonebooks hanging from them.

"He could have come up with the non-emergency number just like everyone else does."
Osman was booked Monday night on accusations of improper use of 911, a Class B misdemeanor punishable in Oregon by up to six months in jail and a fine of $2,500. He was released on bail Tuesday.
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Poison Sno-Cones Sicken Zoo Patrons

Blue sno-cones are out at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS. Why? A mistake having to do with a cleaning solution that looked just as blue as the blue sno-cone solution, with the result being that several people were sickened (and not just blue in the face).

Four people became ill Thursday when a zoo employee poured a degreasing agent into the sno-cone machine instead of flavored syrup. The two bottles are the same size, shape and color. They were also accidentally placed next to each other.

A zoo spokeswoman said the employee didn’t read the labels. The zoo also apologized to families who got sick. Fortunately, none became seriously ill.

Watch a video report:

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Liddy: Will Sotomayor's Judgment Be Clouded by Menstruation?

Conservative radio host G. Gordon Liddy, whose show is syndicated in 160 markets and on the Sirius Radio network, attacked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor on Thursday, with one of the most ridiculous and offensive tirades in decades.

First, on the recording embedded below, he said (emphasis mine):
I understand that they found out today that Miss Sotomayor is a member of La Raza, which means in illegal alien, “the race.” And that should not surprise anyone because she’s already on record with a number of racist comments.
This follows an earlier statement by former GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo La Raza was "a Latino KKK without the hoods and the nooses." In reality, The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is " the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States and works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans."

The GOP is having a great deal of trouble with Latino voters; is the above a smart thing for a conservative to say? Go for it, turn off more people from your party. And, something sure to turn off women voters:
Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.
Hey, Liddy, she's 54. Almost certainly she's memopausal. But besides that, what an offensive statement.

G. Gordon Liddy is perhaps best known for his role in the Nixon-era Watergate scandal. He spent four years in prison for the affair.

Listen to his "commentary," if you can call it that, below:

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Stunning! Susan Boyle Finishes Second in Britain's Got Talent

I'm stunned, as are many. Susan Boyle lost Britain's Got Talent to the ten-person dance crew Diversity. I'm so stunned and upset that rather than saying "Diversity Wins," I would rather say "Susan Boyle Loses." Graciously, she said:
"Lads, I wish you all the best."
In her final performance on the show, Susan Boyle returned to the song that she used in her first performance, the one that skyrocketed her to the top of the YouTube popularity "chart" and was viewed tens of millions of times: "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables."

Wearing a sparkling, floor-length gown and performing with a confidence, polish, and animation, moreso than in prior performances, she seemed uncomfortable bantering with the judges after her song.

Susan Boyle acknowledged she had felt the pressure in the weeks building up to her final appearance. She even melted down earlier this week. Despite all this, oddsmakers had labeled her a 10 - 11 favorite coming into the finals.

Diversity, the winners, earned a 100,000 pound ($159,000) prize and the chance to perform before Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Show. Really, though, a hip-hop dance group?

However, Susan Boyle might be the real winner. Piers Morgan, one of the BGT judges, has previously said that fellow judge Simon Cowell's eyes turned into dollar signs after her first performance, and Morgan added she deserved a contract and a world tour, win or no.

Watch the final Susan Boyle BGT performance, and let's hope we see many more.

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Mancow: My Waterboarding Was NOT a Hoax

For a conservative talk show host who would readily state (and has) that he wouldn't agree with much of Keith Olbermann's opinions (and vice versa), Erich "Mancow" Muller has been spending a lot of time on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." He appeared again Friday to address rumors that the waterboarding he underwent to see whether the technique was constituted torture was a hoax. While he admitted it was a "stupid radio stunt," he said that the events in the demonstration were in fact real.

Let's use some common sense here: if Mancow, a conservative, was perpetrating a hoax, why would he call it torture? Calling it torture just fuels the arguments from the left, not the right-wing. Using common sense, therefore, there's no reason to believe he was lying and that, in fact, he felt the waterboarding was torture.

Remember also that Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens tried the same "test" last year and concluded:
"Well, then, if waterboarding does not constitute torture, then there is no such thing as torture."
As Mancow said:
I'll tell you how sick this is. This is an awful analogy but it's all I can come up with. It's like saying that Mike Tyson's daughter didn't really hang herself because she wasn't in the gallows, she didn't ghave the official rope, it wasn't official. [...] There's dark forces behind this; I really believe this. Forget the truth. A lot of people, Democrat and Republican alike, have banked on this not being torture.
Watch Olbermann's commentary, as well as Mancow's response:

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Paper Runs Ad Calling for Obama's Assassination

A Pennsylvania newspaper should be expecting a visit from the Secret Service soon. The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer published an ad on Thursday that called for the assassination of President Barack Obama.

It wasn't like the ad was a want ad for an assassin; rather, it was one of those small personal ads that you might see run in the classified section of a local paper, but rather than saying something like "Happy Birthday, So-and-So," the ad said "May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!" All four of those presidents, of course, were assassinated in office.

The PT-O posted an apology:
"An errant classified 'personal' ad which appeared in Thursday's Times Observer has drawn the attention of law enforcement officials.

"A person from Warren placed the ad, which apparently alludes to the wish that President Obama meet an untimely end by linking him with four assassinated presidents. The ad representative didn't make the connection among the four other presidents mentioned and mistakenly allowed the ad to run.

"Upon realizing the mistake early Thursday morning, the ad was immediately discontinued and the identity of the person who placed the ad was turned over to Warren City Police as per newspaper policy. The local police department forwarded the information to federal authorities, as per department policy.

"The Times Observer apologizes for the oversight."
I can understand perhaps not making the connection, but I can't understand how anyone would think running this ad would not attract the attention of the Secret Service. The paper surely knows who the person who placed the ad is, and there will be a visit, that's for certain.
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Queens Teacher Accused of Sex with 14-Year-Old

In our latest example of a teacher decided she wanted to rob the cradle more or less literally, Melissa Weber, 27, a middle school social studies teacher in Queens New York is accused of statutory rape, having sex on 7 different occasions with one of her 14-year-old students.

Melissa Weber (pictured, via Facebook) was a social studies teacher at Middle School/Intermediate School 8 in Queens, and had the affair from April 13th of this year to May 14th. According to prosecutors, most of the trysts took place from 3 PM and 6 PM.

The victim's mother was tipped off about the affair, and resourcefully (and showing she was definitely into technology), she obtained Melissa Weber's cell phone number, and compared it to the call log on her son's cell phone.

The mom found tons of calls between the two, as well as a text message from Melissa Weber that read, "erase your phone." Oops, someone didn't follow her instructions, I see.
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Game Changer: Tennis Player to Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Feeling her game is being affected by her "assets," Romanian tennis player Simona Halep has decided to undergo breast reduction surgery in an attempt to improve her play.

The 17-year-old, endowed with 34DD breasts on a 5'5" frame, said the following:
"The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. It's the weight that troubles me - my ability to react quickly."
Fans of her, or her assets, at least, have started an onlne petition to save her breasts. If you want to vote (not that it will do much), you can go here.

Watch a video of Simona Halep's gameplay below:

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pressure Mounts and Susan Boyle Melts Down

It's not the China Syndrome, but Susan Boyle, the favorite in this weekend's upcoming Britain's Got Talent finals, did experience a meltdown, with more than a few expletives flying after she was harassed by journalists at a London hotel.

According to a spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity as she represents all the contestants in the Britain's Got Talent show, Susan Boyle was left upset after being taunted by two reporters at the Wembley Plaza Hotel on Wednesday.
"Two journalists were harassing her and pushed her (Boyle) over the edge. She was left slightly distressed and the journalists were removed from the building by police."
While the AP didn't go into details on Susan Boyle's meltdown (and apparently had none), the tablod The Sun had no such issues.

It also should be noted that when Susan Boyle saw judge Piers Morgan praise twelve year old singer Shaheen Jafargholi's performance on TV, she went ballistic as well, according to reports.
She screamed "f*** off", flicked a V sign at the screen and stormed out of the hotel bar after watching judge Piers Morgan praise twelve year old singer Shaheen Jafargholi's performance.

Then when two journalists confronted the singer she was heard to shout "how f****** dare you! You can't f****** talk to me like that."
Piers Morgan said the pressure on Boyle was enormous:
"You could see the nerves almost crippling her on the semifinal show, and I just think it's time that everyone slightly backed off."
That's the only fear I have for her. You could see the nerves at the beginning of her semifinal performance. While it's easy for someone like me to tell her to calm down, she needs to. I belive Susan Boyle has it wrapped up if she can remain calm.

Even without a win, Morgan has previously said Boyle should get a contract, a world tour, and more.
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Unreleased Iraq Prison Photos Show Rape, Sexual Abuse

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the photographs of alleged prisoner abuse which President Barack Obama has so far censored include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse.

Interlude: it should be noted that regardless of any opinion I might have over this issue, it's 100% hypocritical if any in the GOP harangue Obama over it. You know as well as I do that under the Bush administration these photos would not have been revealed, either. End interlude.

Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer (ret. 2007) who in 2004 investigated and wrote a report on allegations of detainee abuse in U.S. prisons in Iraq said the following:
“These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency. I am not sure what purpose their release would serve other than a legal one and the consequence would be to imperil our troops, the only protectors of our foreign policy, when we most need them, and British troops who are trying to build security in Afghanistan.

“The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it.”
Some examples of the abuse, according to the Telegraph, include:
  • An American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner.
  • A male translator apparently raping a male detainee.
  • A female prisoner having her clothing forcibly removed to expose her breasts.
Other photos show prisoners abused with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.

In April, the Obama administration said the photographs would be released. However, following lobbying from senior military figures, the administration reversed the decision. It's likely that comments such as given above by Taguba were used during the lobbying process.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama said:
“The most direct consequence of releasing them, I believe, would be to inflame anti-American public opinion and to put our troops in greater danger.

“I want to emphasise that these photos that were requested in this case are not particularly sensational, especially when compared to the painful images that we remember from Abu Ghraib.”
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"Withdrawal" Nearly as Good as Condoms: Study

In terms of pregnancy, at least, a new study, published in the June edition of the journal Contraception, indicates that the old "withdrawal" method, pulling out just before ejaculation, works nearly as well as a condom.

Few men love the "raincoat" experience of a condom, but until this study, most would have laughed at the old "pulling out method." Of course, it should be remembered that condoms are the only relatively sure way to prevent transmission of STDs.

The researchers involved are thus targeting this study to those in monogamous relationships where STDs are not a risk.

The study (.PDF), titled "Better than nothing or savvy risk-reduction practice?" states the following in its opening paragraph:
If the male partner withdraws before ejaculation every time a couple has vaginal intercourse, about 4% of couples will become pregnant over the course of a year. However, more realistic estimates of typical use indicate that about 18% of couples will become pregnant in a year using withdrawal. These rates are only slightly less effective than male condoms, which have perfect- and typical-use failure rates of 2% and 17%, respectively.
So, in a perfect world, you would get 2% (condom) or 4% (coitus interruptus) failure rate, but of course, no one is perfect.

Rachel Jones, head researcher of the study, noted that the frequently cited factoid that pre-ejactulate carries motile sperm has been contradicted by two studies cited by the National Institutes of Health.
"In two small studies there is no sperm in the fluid. If the guy has had sex in the last couple of hours is the only way it gets in pre-cum. But if you go to the bathroom, it flushes the sperm out."
The study obviously brought out a number of critics, as noted by ABC News.

Dr. Judy Kuriansky from Columbia University's Teachers College said:
"Teens will misuse the data and boys will use it as an excuse not to wear condoms. It is also not good for monogamous couples, especially those who are religious and against abortion, who may have more unplanned pregnancies."
Taken aback somewhat by her critics, Jones fired back with a letter:
"I've grown used to promoters of abstinence only-until-marriage programs dismissing the effectiveness of contraception. However, I'm surprised to see such disparagement of withdrawal among a crowd that is presumably younger, more diverse and open-minded.

"Perhaps because most of us have been told for so long that withdrawal doesn't work, we are unable to embrace scientific evidence that counters what we 'know.'"
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mancow: Waterboarding Gave Me Chest Pains

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann had conservative radio host Eric “Mancow” Muller on his show Tuesday, and questioned him about his experience with waterboarding, which Mancow readily admitted (after the experience) was torture.

First off, Mancow also noted that his friend Sean Hannity had called him, saying "it’s still not torture." Mancow told Olbermann that he told Hannity "You’re a friend of mine, but it is still torture."

Here's part of the exchange between the two:
Olbermann: “The scenario that everyone approves on this there is a bomb somewhere it is going off in 15 minutes. You waterboard the guy, can you, having gone through this trust you get the right answer?"

Mancow: “Keith, the honest answer is I don’t know. If had information I’m sure I would have given it up. I would have said anything to make it stop.”

"Look, you said something incorrectly and I think everyone has. They compare it to drowning. I drowned as a kid and had to be revived. This is worse. This isn’t gulping for air. This is ... your brain is shut off. This is water at the back of your skull, a gallon of water poured down my nose; I had a Marine do it. And I mean, it was good night Irene, game over ... I thought I could go 30 seconds. Big deal they sprinkle water ... it is a big deal and it's torture.” [...]

“I was willing to prove and ready to prove that this was a joke and I was wrong. It was horrific. It was instantaneous and look I felt the effects for two days. I had chest pains. I told my wife, look I have two little kids– we prayed. I said 'Dear God help me.' I had chest pains I was so stressed out by this.”
Watch the video of the full exchange between Olbermann and Mancow below, via RawReplay, as broadcast on Countdown with Keith Olbermann May 26th, 2009.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mike Tyson's Four-Year-Old Daughter Dies After Accident

Exodus Tyson, the 4-year-old daughter of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson died Tuesday, a day after an incident which resulted in her accidentally hanging herself.

Exodus Tyson had been taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in central Phoenix. Phoenix police spokesman Andy Hill said she was pronounced dead just before noon.

Hill described the accident yesterday as follows:
“Somehow she was playing on this treadmill, and there’s a cord that hangs under the console — it’s kind of a loop. Either she slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself off of it.”
In a statement released early this morning, the Tyson family said:
"There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal."
Watch a video report:
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OSHA Cites Wal-Mart in Trampling Death

U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced it was citing Wal-Mart for inadequate crowd management following the Nov. 28, 2008 (Black Friday), death of Jdimytai Damour (pictured).

However, the amount of any such fine, which would be the maximum allowed, would only be $7,000. Yes, Wal-Mart probably earns that much in less than a second, so we can see that will really hurt the company.

The incident happened in Valley Stream, NY, but earlier this month Wal-Mart and prosecutors inked a deal that requires the retailer to pay nearly $2 million and improve safety at its 92 New York stores, in exchange for avoiding criminal charges.

Wal-Mart has 15 days to respond to the allegations. They could choose to fight it, and they might. Why? Despite the miniscule amount of the fine, such a "verdict" by OSHA can only help in the lawsuit filed by Damour's family.
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Couple Arrested for Throwing Rocks Off Bridge Onto Cars, Stripping Game

Washington state troopers arrested two people early Monday for throwing rocks off a railroad trestle onto cars driving south on Interstate 5. Moreover, it was part of a stripping game, apparently.

No, I don't mean stripping paint off the bridge. I mean stripping in the way you might think. The couple, a 23-year-old man and 18-year-old woman, were spotted by a state patrol pilot looking for speeders and drunk drivers. With the aid of an infra-red camera, he saw the heat of their bodies on an overpass in Lakewood, WA. They appeared to be dropping rocks on cars passing beneath the overpass.

As far as the stripping goes, when troopers arrested the pair, they found the woman partially nude. The two face felony charges for malicious mischief and second-degree assault for hitting as many as 14 vehicles with rocks.

The stripping didn't really have anything to do with the rock dropping, but rather clothes were removed depending upon if a car had a left- or right-headlight out.

Watch a video report:

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O.J. Simpson Appeals Robbery, Kidnapping Convictions to Nevada Supreme Court

In what can only be termed "expected," O.J. Simpson has filed an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court in the convictions he received last year involving armed robbery and kidnapping.

The filing by O.J. Simpson, a former college and pro football star and actor asks the court to throw out his conviction on grounds that include judicial misconduct, insufficient evidence, a lack of racial diversity on the jury and errors in sentencing and jury instructions.

In terms of the jury, I would have thought that Simpson's lawyers should have sought for a more balanced racial mix during jury selection, if they felt that was going to be an issue.

The Las Vegas trial stemmed from what Simpson said was an attempt to recover memorabilia previously stolen from Simpson from a pair of sports collectibles dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room.

O.J. Simpson and co-defendant Clarence Stewart were convicted last October, and sentenced last December. Simpson received nine to 33 years in state prison, and is housed at a prison in Lovelock, about 90 miles east of Reno.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 in the murderes of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, but was later held liable for the deaths in a civil court case.
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Calif. Supreme Court Upholds Proposition 8

On Tuesday, California's Supreme Court upheld the controversial anti-gay marriage Proposition 8, which was passed last year using California's initiative process. At the same time, the justices confirmed that the 18,000-plus same-sex marriages that took place before the Proposition was approved by voters will stand. The vote was 6-1.

Many of the arguments against the Proposition were that there are certain inalienable rights for people, and that California's complex initiative process should not be allowed to take away such rights, particularly when only 52% of eligible voters, and only 52% of of those voted in favor of the proposition.

However, as legal analysts indicated on local radio stations just after the decision was announced at 10AM PDT, while allowing those marriages that took place prior to the election to stand is only just, this now creates two classes of gay couples: those who were "fast enough" to get married before Proposition 8 was enacted, and those who were not. It also suggests that gay marriage is OK for those who were quick, and not for those who were not.

So, at the same time that allowing the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed to stand is a just ruling, it also creates inequality, according to the analysts, and opens the door for federal appeals.

As such, there are two possibilities: a move to federal court, which is likely, and a further inititiave which would repeal Proposition 8. If another proposition is used to repeal Proposition 8, this would possibly result in a ping-pong effect, as you could definitely see another "Proposition 8" being used later to re-enact Proposition 8.

Additionally, the ruling, as read by an analyst on SF Bay Area local radio station KQED-FM, reaffirms that sexual orientation will continue to receive the strongest constitutional protection possible. The ruling seems to state that only the word "marriage" is banned, but that all other rights given to married couples will hold as well for domestic partnerships.

The California Supreme Court is the only state supreme court in the nation to have raised sexual orientation to the status of race and gender in weighing discrimination claims.

Update: Calif. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued a statement saying he will abide by the Calif. Supreme Court's ruling, but adding that he favors same-sex marriage and that it will be legalized someday through an initiative or the courts.

Spokesman Aaron McLear said:
"He voted no on Prop. 8. He supports the idea of giving same-sex couples the right to marry. I think he was hoping it would go the other way."
Watch a video report:
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Confirmed: Mel Gibson's Girlfriend is Pregnant

One of the theories behind the divorce filing by Robyn Gibson after 28 years of marriage to Mel was that his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, 39, was pregnant. While a source close to Mel Gibson, 53, claims this is false, the pregnancy is true.

According to People Magazine, it heard this directly from the actor's rep.
“He couldn’t be happier. He loves being a father."
The source added:
"This has nothing to do with the divorce. Mel didn’t even know Oksana was pregnant when they filed.”
Additionally, Mel Gibson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday night, saying:

"This is true. We're gonna have a child."

When asked about the number of children he has, Gibson responded, "Well, actually eight. I guess I'm Octo-Mel."
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Mike Tyson's Daughter in Critical Condition After Treadmill Accident

Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter Exodus has been hospitalized in critical condition after a treadmill accident. Exodus Tyson was apparently playing near some exercise equipment when she accidentally became tangled in a cord or rope hanging from the treadmill.

Mike Tyson was not in Phoenix, where he lives, at the time, but rushed back upon hearing of the incident. Sgt. Andy Hill called it a tragic accident, saying:
“Somehow she was playing on this treadmill, and there’s a cord that hangs under the console — it’s kind of a loop. Either she slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself off of it.”
42West, a New York City public relations firm representing him, released a statement on the family’s behalf.
“The Tyson family would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and support, and we ask that we be allowed our privacy at this difficult time."
Exodus Tyson was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in central Phoenix.

Watch a video report:

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Boy, Mother on the Run from Cancer Treatments Return Voluntarily

Daniel Hauser and his mother Colleen, who have been on the run to avoid court-ordered chemotherapy for him, returned voluntarily Monday to Minnesota.

An arrest warrant had been issued for Colleen Hauser, but because she returned voluntarily, the warrant was lifted. Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg had previously ruled, prior to the pair's fleeing the state, that Daniel Hauser’s parents were medically neglecting him and ordered chemotherapy to begin.

Daniel Hauser has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and was diagnosed in January. Hodgkin's lymphoma is considered highly curable with chemotherapy and radiation, but the boy quit chemo after a single treatment. The family are Roman Catholic, but also believe in the practices of the Nemenhah Band, a Missouri-based religious group that believes in natural healing methods.

Hodgkin's lymphoma has a 90% cure rate in children if treated with chemotherapy and radiation, but doctors say Daniel has a 5% chance of survival without said treatments.

Dr. Bruce Bostrom, the pediatric oncologist at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota who diagnosed Daniel's cancer in January, said:

"I'm delighted. I've been so worried that he was going to die in Mexico. I've been praying for his safe return, so I think my prayers will be answered."
Watch a video report:

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Brazilian Prison Inmates Atttempt to Use Toy Chopper to Ferry in Cell Phones

Seeing as how their prior attempt to smuggle cell phones into a Brazilian prison using carrier pigeons failed, Brazilian prisoners turned to technology-based aviation: a remote-controlled helicopter.

On Monday, police announced that they had captured four people attempting to use a 3 foot long remote-controlled helicopter to ferry cell phones to inmates in the Presidente Venceslau penitentiary in Sao Paulo state. The chopper carried a basket-like container with nine cell phones wrapped in a disposable diaper.

Police Sgt. Ricardo Jock told the Globo TV network:
"The cell phones were obviously for jailed gang leaders who would use them to coordinate bank robberies and kidnappings and set up drug deals."
Inmates in Brazilian prisons frequently use cell phones, if they can get them smuggled into the prison, to continue to run their empires remotely.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bee Swarm Traps Workers in Store

Colony collapse disorder (or CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive or European honey bee colony abruptly disappear. One might think the employees of this video game store in New York City were wishing CCD would happen outside their store.

It was a GameStop store in New York City near Union Square. Workers were trapped inside when honeybees decided to swarm outside the store. Such a swarm isn't an uncommon event, but happening outside a store in a metropolis like New York City is rare.

A sign in the store's window warned: "Look! ... closed due to bee infestation."

Despite that, Edward Albers, a passerby, tried to help. Amazingly, dressed in regular street clothes, he managed to lure many of the bees into a box without getting stung. Eventually, police bee specialist Tony Planakis arrived in protective gear and collected the rest of them.

The store has reopened, while the bees are being taken to hives in upstate New York.

Watch a video report:
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"How to Kill Classmate" Video Posted to YouTube by 11-, 12-Year Olds

What kind of sociopaths are being raised in this country? A group of 11- and 12-year old girls posted a video to YouTube (since removed) titled "Top Six Ways to Kill Piper."

They include such time-honored ways as shooting her, making her commit suicide, and pushing her off a cliff. Beth Smith, mother of Piper, told KING5-TV the cartoon was set to a Hannah Montana song called "True Friend" and posted on YouTube.

Now, some could call this just a joke, but really, it goes to show just how far kids will go in their cruelty to those they don't like in school. With the Internet, the teasing that would once be localized to a school can now go global.

Piper attends Elk Plain School of Choice in Spanaway, WA, as do the girls who made the video.

Worse, while some of the parents were shocked, others dismissed it. Smith said one man blew it off and "said he was making dinner."

The School District says it can't say how the girls were disciplined. But district spokeswoman Krista Carlson told the local TV station that the students involved "have expressed their remorse about this incident."

Watch a video report below:

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Susan Boyle Wows 'Em Again; Makes the "Britain's Got Talent" Finals

Susan Boyle, performed the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats" on the Sunday semi-finals of "Britain's Got Talent." It was obvious from the very start that she was a bit nervous, as her voice quavered at the very start, but soon thereafter, she got into it, and her glorious voice rang true.

Several things were obvious:
  • The crowd was very much behind Susan Boyle from the start
  • The crowd was even more behind her at the end
  • The judges once again loved her performance, giving her a standing ovation at its conclusion.
For those who do not know, Susan Boyle's initial appearance on Britain's Got Talent began with hoots, as she is obviously somewhat frumpy in appearance. But her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables" brought down the house, and drew apologies from the judges, although Simon Cowell snarkily said she knew she was great from the start.

Fellow judge Piers Morgan appeared on "Larry King" with Susan Boyle, apologizing again, and asking for her a date, as well as saying that Cowell's eyes have turned to dollar signs since her appearance, and that no matter what, she should be guaranteed a contract.

It's good to see, that despite the fact that Susan Boyle was dressed slightly better during the BGT semis, she still looked pretty much the same, an ordinary woman who has become famous worldwide, via YouTube and more.

There were 40 acts overall in the semis, with 8 in each group. Surprising no one, Susan won her group and will be appearing in the finals next weekend.

Here's what the judges had to say:

Piers Morgan:
"Susan I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight. When the world was going through a pretty tough time along came Susan Boyle to provide it. Thank you Susan."

Amanda Holden: "I'm so proud that you represented Britain so well."

Simon Cowell: (even he had no criticism) "You are one special lady, you really are."

Go Susan! Watch the video of her semis performance below:

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