Wednesday, April 15, 2009

United Posts Policy on "Super-Sized Passengers"

This has been brought up before, and not just for United Airlines, but the additional girth that passengers are carrying nowadays mean that some of them are a bit "super-sized" for airline seats. You know what I mean. Starting today, United Airlines has a new set of policies in place for "passengers requiring extra space."

While some other airlines have similar policies, United didn't, so it's nice to them, as they said, "align themselves" with other major airlines. The policy applies to tickets purchased on or after March 4, 2009, for travel on or after April 15, 2009.

Customers who fall into one or more of the below:
  • are unable to fit into a single seat in the ticketed cabin;
  • are unable to properly buckle the seatbelt using a single seatbelt extender;
  • and/or are unable to put the seat’s armrests down when seated
must either purchase a ticket for an additional seat, or purchase an upgrade to a cabin with seats that address the above. Refuse to upgrade or buy and a passenger will be booted from the flight.

The good thing for size-challenged people is that:
Checked baggage policies apply per seat, so any checked baggage allowances will be multiplied by the number of tickets purchased.
This means they could bring some luggage with them filled with extra food!

Seriously though, anyone who's sat next to a super-sized passenger and finds themselves elbowed --- or stomached --- out of some of his personal space will surely approve of this.


Anonymous said...

The policy is reasonable, but the digs were uncalled for.

Viv said...

Why is it okay to make rude comments about overweight people? If you made comments about ethnic groups, you'd get hollered at. Maybe you should reconsider your comments or is obesity the last acceptable prejudice?

Anonymous said...

Viv is right. Obesity is the last acceptable prejudice. You wouldn't make these nasty comments about a differently abled person or a person of a different ethnic group. Are overweight people excluded from compassion? Do you understand that there are conditions and medications that prevent some overweight people from losing excess pounds? How arrogant and uncaring!

Anonymous said...

Viv is totally wrong. Stating the facts of a bad experience does not meet the definition of prejudice. Stating that sitting on a plane next to a person that weighs over 350 pounds is unpleasant. That is not being prejudiced, it's a FACT. Deal with it!

Turbokat said...

I assume that you are paid to be a journalist. If you want to make insulting "funny" comments, go join the comedy club circuit.

Anonymous said...

> Stating the facts of a bad experience does not meet the definition of prejudice.

No, but implying an overweight person's extra carry on would be full of food, and adding 'stomached' to the comment about being elbowed, does.

Anonymous said...

I'm fat, not so big I can't fit in one seat on a plane, but I'm fat. I'm fat because I eat too much. Most people who are fat are fat for the same reason.

I laughed at the mental image of a carry on full of snacks.

Listen you skinny people, don't get offended on my behalf, or I'll sit on you!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you're able to laugh at yourself that way, but a lot of people who are overweight feel bad enough about themselves as it is without being openly derided by total strangers, and many are struggling to change their situation. There are often other factors to weight besides merely eating too much.

You needn't assume this is all a bunch of skinny people rallying to your defense, nor should you assume that just because you're fine having your human fallibilities mocked - as if slender people have none - that others are as well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as a physician with 23 years experience i would say that upwards of 99% of obese patients I've seen simply eat too much. It's not an illness, it it as drain on our health care system.

Domino said...

Viv - I am sorry - but only 1% of obese individuals actually suffer from a 'disease' as such or a psychological conditoon - the remaining 99% are simply overconsuming food or (but usually AND) leading sedentary lifestyles. This does not excuse the writer of this piece of text from the comments he made - however I feel that if you make the wrong choices in life but worst still - if you continue for years to make the wrong choices despite the amount of literature and resources available to you - and you continue to blame everyone but yourself for your obesity - then you have to expect a certain amount of doesn't mean that you deserve to be judged - but PLEASE do not be suprised if we do. People will make assumptions about you based on what they see - if you don't take care of yourself - what part of you tells me that you're going to take care of my kid in class...or my car in the garage ... sorry - but I will continue to 'judge' for as long as you continue to overeat and put your health at risk...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this type of policy follows the normal pathways of incrementalism. By this I mean that the fat family of five (who always seem to be in line ahead of me at the grocery store) won't have me buying their cartload of "meals in a box" via their EBT card.

Viv said...

"Viv - I am sorry - but only 1% of obese individuals actually suffer from a 'disease' as such or a..". AND more sputum

Reread my post - I never said anything about diseases or overeating. That was someone else.

The fact remains that the writer of the article did not have to make such rude comments. Making a rude comment when you do not know the circumstances behind the disability or medical condition of a person is prejudice. Yes, some people eat too much, others have medical issues you can't know from just looking at them and still others choose to support Rush Limbaugh's ill-mannered insanity. When the airlines cram too many people into too small a space even so called NORMAL people get squeezed but hey, they're "normal" so you put up with it? I compare people like you to the so called Judges on those crappy reality shows

You can't just make a decision about someone just by taking one look at them!

Anonymous said...

For the author, the doctor w/ 23 yrs, and the others on the blog who have written negatively about this issue in a way that looks down on obese people - PLEASE take a good look at yourself in the mirror (inside and out)!!! While you may not be obese or suffer with weight issues, I'm sure EACH of you have your own visible and/or invisible physical, emotional, natural or other issues and flaws you have to deal with (and that others have to deal with about you). The bible says "Judge not that ye be not judged." Always remember, when you choose to look down at someone else about their flaw, there are others doing the same thing about you and your flaws or issues! I agree that no one should overindulge in food - but ask yourself, what do I overindulge in that I should not? Or, what areas in my own body, mind and spirit do I need to work on to improve myself?

Anonymous said...

Separate from the policy... just wanted to share with you all that we are in the last days and God wants all to come to him.
If you are not a believer, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior while you still have time! Just pray now and ask God to forgive you of all of your sins and come into your life so you'll be eternally his. Ask God to help you to turn away from sin and find a house of true worship to be fed his word. These are the last days.