Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soldier Shot, Killed While Teaching Wife Gun Safety

Now this is one of those cases that might end up on Forensic Files or Cold Case Files. You know, someone says they accidentally shot someone, when in reality, it was cold-blooded murder. After all, this sounds pretty darn fishy.

I mean, I've seen cases on Forensic Files that sound just like this! The couple went out with friends, and for some reason, when they got home, the Fort Lewis, Washington soldier decided to teach his wife how to use a gun, and the gun accidentally discharged while she was holding it, shooting him in the head.

Deputies were called at 1:30 AM. So they decided to do the lesson at 1:00 AM or so? Like I said, really fishy, and oh, so similar to stuff I've seen on real-life crime shows. Still, it could be an accident.

Reports are the wife is not currently a suspect, but an investigation is continuing.

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