Monday, April 6, 2009

52 Dead in Mass Shootings in the Last Month: What Has America Become?

A report by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning, America Monday asked the following question: "What is going on with the gun rampages in America?"

As GMA noted, in the last month, seven mass shootings have resulted in the loss of 48 innocent lives (and 4 other lives, counting the gunmen). This is simply the count of highly publicized mass killings across the country; it wouldn't include killings on a singular scale (and you know there were plenty of those).
  1. Early March: 10 killed in Samson, AL.
  2. Two weeks ago last Saturday, 4 Oakland police officers killed; the gunman was killed as well.
  3. Six people dead in a murder-suicide in an upscale Silicon Valley neighborhood.
  4. Eight people killed in a nursing home
  5. Thirteen killed in an immigrant center, before the gunman killed himself
  6. Three police officers killed in Pittsburgh, PA
  7. Five children shot by their father before he turned the gun on himself in Washington state.
Those last three incidents took place just last weekend.

While ABC reporter David Muir spoke to Sawyer about the "gun show loophole" that allows customers to buy guns, no questions asked, at this point it's too early to say if weapons in these later incidents came from gun shows. At any rate, gun rights advocates note that individual-to-individual sales have never been regulated.

Should they be? Readers?

Watch the following video from ABC's Good Morning, America, broadcast Apr. 6, 2009, via Raw Story.



Destroy Rock And Roll said...

Crazy! That's what I would say. We have so many crazies in this country and we still have the right to bear arms. That's crazy right there!

Anonymous said...


In 2007, there were four times as many automobile-related fatalities in the US as there were gun-related deaths. Using the knee-jerk logic being employed here, no one should be allowed to have cars.

Yet, 'oh, my god, the sky is falling!' in the US, the average household has 1.9 cars!

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. (The tool is merely that, a tool.)

Gun ownership in the U.S. has been on the rise for the last decade. During the same period, violent crimes in the U.S. have decreased.

In Britain, guns are very hard to come by, yet violent crimes and homicides have been increasing dramatically. They've been finding other ways to kill one another just as dead.

Why? Because they simply use a different tool.

Guns are NOT the problem. They don't make people any more violent than they are to begin with.

The crazy people are the ones that think taking away people rights to legally own guns will do anything but favor criminals (who will have guns even if they are illegal -- hello? criminals? not so worried about legality...)

Guns do provide something, however. They help level the playing field -- so that, for example, a 95 pound woman has a chance at defending herself from a 250 pound attacker. Taking that gun away from her makes her a whole h*ll of a lot less safe.

And, no, the police are NOT going to be able to protect her, because they aren't everywhere, all the time. Her 250 pound attacker, intent upon doing her harm, is going to make sure of that first.

And, no, suggesting she be allowed to defend herself is not promoting vigilantism. It's restating that she has a fundamental right to be able to defend herself, rather than that she simply be left to the mercies of an assailant.

Pepper spray is notoriously unreliable (10 to 15% of the population is resistant to it). And, victims spray themselves with it just as often as they spray an attacker. You can go through similar discussions with any other defensive tools, as well. Again, because they're all just that -- TOOLS. Some are better choices for some people, in some circumstances, than others.

Anonymous said...

Yes, gunboy, 52 deaths is a small price to pay for the right for psychos to own guns.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with “nonsense”

banning guns will only take them away from the law abiding.
crooks and crazies are going to find a way around the law

123,000,000 died in America 2008

(1) heart attack 28.50%
(2) cancer 22.80%
(3) stroke 6.70%
(4) emphysema, 5.10%
(5) accidents 4.40%
(6) diabetes 3.00%
(7) flu 2.70%
(8) Alzheimer's 2.40%
(9) kidney disease 1.70%
(10) infection 1.40%
(11) suicide 1.30%
(12) liver disease 1.10%
(13) high blood press 0.80%
(14) homicide 0.70%
(15) other 17.40%

do the math ! if you can ?

but give the liberal idiots a break, they care so much !

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's just as possible for someone to commit murder with a kitchen knife as a gun (although, psychologically, I believe they say it's a little tougher to kill someone with more hands on methods). And no, guns don't cause EVERY death in the US (thanks for bringing out the same old musty, everyone's-heard-em arguments and stats, though, it's very refreshing). And pepper sprays might not work on 10 or 15% of people (they still work on the other 85 to 90%, right?). And guess what?! There are more automobile related than gun related deaths because MORE PEOPLE USE CARS THAN GUNS. (Has anyone ever figured out the relative percentages? I mean, what percentage of people who ride in cars are killed by them? What percentage of people involved with guns are killed by them?) But just like we take cars away from people who get into situations likely to hurt others, we should also take guns away from people who are likely to hurt people with them (like those who will go on to commit a mass shooting).

Can anyone honestly argue that the masacre at Columbine would have still happened had those boys NOT been able to access guns (several of which were purchased legally)?

You're right (all you conservatives who want to keep your arsonals), guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people. If people don't have guns, they can't kill poeple with them. Pretty simple logic, even Republicans should be able to follow it.

Do they really make the field all that level? If that 95 lb woman is being restained by that 250 lb attacker, how is she going to fish through her purse to find that gun? What if it's in her glove box? What if she's being responsible and it isn't loaded? What if the guy snatches her purse and the gun is in it? Now he has a gun. Now he can escalate.
Stop being simplistic and obtuse.

I know this will sound utopian to anyone stuck a few hundred years ago, but if there are no guns AT ALL, The good duys won't have them, but neither will the bad guys. (!) Every gun manufacturer intends to sell to legitimate buyers. Stop making the damn things and people will stop shooting each other with them.

The right to own guns came from a period when the US was actively at war and anyone might have to defend themselves from groups of British soldiers trying to take over their homes. The Constitution is supposed to be a living document, why hasn't this outdated "right" been revoked?

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