Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Most Voters View Rush Limbaugh Negatively: Study

Rush Limbaugh, whom the Democrats have tried to cast as the heart and soul of the GOP, is viewed negatively by a majority of voters, with 45% of them viewing him "very" negatively, according to a survey released Wednesday by Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

According to the survey, overall, voters view Rush Limbaugh negatively by a 53% to 26% margin, over 2 to 1. 45% view him "very, very" negatively.

Among independents, the ratio is to three-to-one against. By a 57% to 32% majority, voters say that Rush Limbaugh does not "share their values." The report does not that Republicans are reversed in their opinion, where by a two-to-one margin, they believe he shares their values.

More importantly, however, is that 62% of voters believe the GOP continues to "embrace the same old ideas and leaders it has relied on for the past 20 years." As you may recall, change was a byword in the 2008 elections.

The study was done by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Democracy Corps from March 5 - 8, 2009, and surveyed 1,000 2008 voters, including 170 interviewed on cell phones (120 unweighted) and 830 likely 2010 voters (863 unweighted).


Anonymous said...

It is always nice to know what liberals think :)

Indicator Veritatis said...

Wow! That many people see through Rush! There is hope for this country after all;)

Anonymous said...

"That many people see through Rush!"

More likely it means that that many people are too lazy to find out what Rush really says or thinks.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: it is always nice to know how far removed from reality Republican brains are :)

Anonymous said...

I was forced to listen to Rush's show for 3 solid months. I had a sweatshop job full of conservative coworkers, and they'd listen to his show twice, back-to-back, every morning. They'd whoop and holler in agreement with what he was saying. And what he was saying was mostly hate-inspired lies set to instigate his blind followers against whatever foe he chose.

Rush doesn't even pretend to be "Fair & Balanced" or to speak the truth. His truth is what he believes, and he believes in whatever will fuel the burning fires of hatred, paranoia, and resentment in conservative hearts.

His followers don't care about understanding the truth, or reaching an agreement with those who disagree with them, or listening to anything that doesn't make their devilish hearts leap with glee. All they care about is what feels right, and they're so drunk on Rush's hate-wine that nothing else feels good anymore.

That's what Rush really says and thinks. You'll know him by his fruits, and his fruits are rotting inside out.

Vincent Margott said...

That many people see through Rush! There is hope for this country after all!!!